Monday, December 28, 2009

Uncovering the 'Truth About Mummy'

The lay of the land at my house. It's me (mummy) the three little pinks (three girls 5, 3 & 1) and the Daddy. The tradition nuclear family just living life and trying to be a happy and healthy while navigating life's twists and turns. But really - enough of that and more about me....

Right now I'm mummy. That is my main role in life and for the best part I like it, Especially when I look globally at 'The Big Picture'. But really on a day-to-day basis I'm on the same roller coaster as most everyone - struggling to make myself enjoy the day-to-day blahh blahh that makes us all human. Right now, as I type, I have one sleeping toddler and two fighting pre-schoolers whom I'm trying desperately to ignore so I can eek out some me time to right this blog - that lets face it no one will probably ever read. But what does it matter - this is a me thing!!

I've decided 2010 is the year I start to look after myself again, to make me important on my scale of duties. Every mummy on the earth would understand this - of that I'm sure. I've just watched Oprah. I know day time TV!, I actually rarely watch anything but ABC kids during daylight hours (true - I've committed myself to telling the truth in this blog - some of it will be nasty and confronting but it will be true). So it was almost like Divine intervention that I actually stitched it on today. The entire show was devoted to Mummies. One line really struck a cord with me. Roughly translated into 'Caz speak' it said you can never go back to your old life before kids, you have to re-invent a new one. So that is what I'm about to do and this blog I'm hoping will be a weekly update on how my project is taking shape and hopefully will help me remember the funny side of life (and provide me with a good laugh when I re-read it in 12 months)

So just a quick overview of my life right now. 3 kids, the Daddy, recent move back to our home town after 3 emotionally exhausting years away starting a small business, and then there is me - the mummy. Mummy is worn out. Ever seen that epp of the Simpsons where Marg's hair falls out because she is so overwhelmed and stressed out from looking after Homer and the kids. Well that's me (well my hair is brunette not blue!!). I've suffered severe sleep deprivation coupled with massive comfort eating since my second child was born. End result; weathered chubby 39 year old looking to re-invent her life. It's time my friends to decide who i want to be for the next 40 years.


  1. Hey, I've seen that ep too! Yes, *sometimes* I watch Oprah too. We're SAHMs after all, must live up to the cliche right? Hehehe...

    Anyway just wanted to tell you thanks for dropping by my blog. And thanks for the follow too.=)

    ...And ooh welcome to the Blogging Sisterhood. Happy writing!

  2. Thanks Brenda, always nice to meet a sister understands!! Look forward to following you along the journey:)

  3. Welcome, indeed! I'm so glad you're blogging.
    You definitely deserve your time. Being a mother is lovely and challenging and teeth-gritting! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. Thanks Kate- Love ur blog! Look forward to reading more of ur post as well.


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