Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 10 Honest Truths About Mummy

Another big thank-you to Kelly at  kellyansapansa for the Honest Scrap she awarded me today. (My first blog award, how wonderful for me). I’m still a total blog newbie so I’m madly rushing back to kellyansapansa to find out what I’m supposed to do now........back again with 10 honest truths about me.

1. I have a double jointed second toe on my right foot. It’s pretty cool and I regularly use it to freak people out.

2. I won $20 on Tuesday night lotto last week (yay me).

3. I’m proud of the fact that to date none of my kids have EVER been sunburnt! Considering how often I remember getting burnt as a kid – that makes me happy.

4. I change my mind regularly when asked ‘tea or coffee’. Even my husband has to ask me what I want and whether I want milk or sugar. (Poor husband!)

5. Despite loving my kids with absolute passion there are days I think my head will explode if I hear the word “mummy" one more time and (on the advice of a friend) on those happy happy days I tell the kids to call me Barbara. (It’s become a bit of a silly joke at our house).

6. I love being organised. Think it’s a spinoff of being brought up in a house of hoarders. My parents never threw anything out – ever!

7. I’m a home body by nature. My home is my favourite place in the entire world and is filled with all my favourite things and people. I collect things I love (like a bower bird) and store them in my home.

8. I drive a seven seater which goes by the name of Bessy-Blue. Even my 21 month old calls the car ‘Bessy’.

9. I love op-shops and farmers markets and if you didn't already know despite loving words and writing - I'm dyslexic.

10. I hate Harvey Norman commercials – get me the mute button.

Now to pass on the award, which I believe is customary.  So without further delay I'd like to announce the winner of the Truth About Mummy Honest Scrap Award for January, 2010 is .......................................
the yummy mummy at Yummy Mummy Secrets.  A lovely young, passionate and creative mummy that you too should take the time to get to know.

Thanks again Kelly :)


  1. Omg. Thank you so muchh.
    Have have made my day.

  2. Yay on your lotto win! I also change my coffee and tea too!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one that names her car!!! (Betty the Blue beast!!)

  4. Thanks guys - Corrie,it was our lovely friend Megan who taught me the Barbara trick - it works!

  5. I love hearing these little truths...

    Congrats on your kids never being sunburnt! My little one has been a little red once and I felt like the worst mother in the world!

  6. I am so with you on those Harvey Norman ad's...can't stand em! I want to punch the voice-over guy in the head and spray the back-up "Go Harvey" girls with tomato sauce!


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