Thursday, January 7, 2010

Created with Love

Finally, a few minutes alone to sit down with the laptop. Despite all my best efforts it just hasn't happened for the past couple of days. I've gotta say I'm loving this blogging stuff - when I can find time to do it.

I've been thinking about women and their creativity the past few days and hoping to get a minute to blog about it. (Things seem to gel in my mind while I'm writing.) I'm almost desperate to get the time to be creative again. I'm not an artist but I love to create stuff. In my life BK (before kids) I used to restore old useless furniture to make it useful again. I get such a buzz from using my hands to make something that's past its 'used by' date beautiful and productive again. With small kids that's pretty much out of the question but I am wanting to drag out my sewing machine!

The Sewing Machine Drama
Funny thing about my sewing machine. We moved towns a few years back to start/run a small business. At the time I had a 2.5 and 7 month old and was four months into my three years stint of serious sleep deprivation. I was suddenly without the support of family and friends and in a realm of tiredness you have to experience to understand. Over these ugly unspeakable years (not everything about life was ugly and unspeakable - mainly just me!) this urge to sew would bubble up every few months. One day I even managed to see thru the befuddled daze I lived in enough to unpack the sewing machine and start setting it up. To my utter frustration, but not surprise (because at that point nothing was working in my life) the sewing foot had gone astray during the move. I went out and bought a new one only to realise, when I finally got around to fitting it, that I also appeared to have lost the shank the foot rest on. That was all the energy I had available, so every time that little voice told me how nice it would be to sit alone and sew I told it I wasn’t allowed and grrrrrrrrrred at the world a bit louder than normal. (Coz, if you're reading this don't ask me why I didn't just ask you for help - it only occurred to me now as I'm sitting here typing that I REALLY should have!)

A few weeks ago I dragged out my trusty little sewer all prepared to give her some TLC and get her back into action. It was then I realised just how much of a sleep deprived fog I was living in. It's all there!!! It all works fine!!!! I wasn't missing a thing and only needed to re-fit the shank and foot. DOH!

The point of the great sewing machine drama?
Are all women born with that need to create? Does creating have some healing purpose in our lives? I know it always feels wonderful to me when I look at something I've made. Be it my kids, a cake , a blog I'm really happy with, or even a report I've written at work. I know a lot of women who cook when they're upset. I wonder? It has made me think how while I was living in the distress of constant sleep deprivation and struggling daily to function, my mind kept telling me to sew. I wonder now if I'd been able to battle thru and do some sewing if it would have made my path a little easier and given me some relief.

Creative projects
No idea if it affects us all the same but for me I really do think creativity is healing/nurturing and exciting! (This is great because I’ve got a house and garden to re-create along with myself this year.)

It’s something I need to do to feel balanced and something I plan on making important this year while I focus on the re-invention of mummy,. The sewing machine has already been humming along this week as I've made the cutest set of curtains for the big pinks room. (yep - they're pink!)

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  1. Totally agree with you Caz. Creativity nurtures you through and through. Too bad we can't bottle that stuff.; )


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