Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look what I can do

I've been outside picking beautiful fresh beans and parsley from my little veggie patch!
Brings a smile to my face every time I pick something and bring it inside, if they make it that far, yummyJ

And here are the lovely pink curtains I made for the big Pinks room.

I'm really proud of these. First time the sewing machine has had a work out for years. (See my post about 'Created with Love' if you want to know the story). Next step is to paint the room. It's the first step in our house renovations. We moved back to our home town three months ago and bought a wonderful five acre property, but unfortunately the house is stuck in the 1980s. Don't you love the brown window frames? She has great bones – but is in need of some cosmetic surgery.


  1. Your curtains look fantastic. If only you lived closer to me. :-)

    Did you need to spray anything on your vegies to keep creepy crawlies out of them? I'd love to grow vegies but this has always stopped me.

    Love your new outlay on your blog too. Looking good.


  2. Hey Ann, I've been really lucky with bugs. All i did was plant things pretty close together and a bit of companion planting. They say plants with strong smells keep bugs away. And it seem to have worked. I also used a garlic spray (home made) when they were just seedlings. Didn't want to use any chemicals. I had some really good compost and I can't believe how well things are grown.

    I'm really happy with the curtains too. Love making them. Busy dreaming up what to do next. Need curtains for the playroom - but probably should paint first.

  3. Fantastic curtains :) well done! and the homegrown beans and parsley look yum too :) .


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