Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pre-school precinct politics

Well look at me and my pretty new blog background. Wish I could take the credit but the lovely lassie at 'Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates' really is the one to whom it's due!  (By the way I'm spending far too much time making this blog pretty - even with 5 kids in the house).

On the five kids thing, WOW is it loud.  But in some ways it's actually not that much harder.  There are two 5 year olds and two 3 year old - so they are tending to play together rather than wanting Mummy to do things for them.  My main job is referee for all the little disputes that arise (and cooking, washing and wiping up spills).  I'm learning that kids politics is a dangerous world. Little girls can be horrible to each other - been quite a while since I was a little girl and I must have forgotten about real life in the pre-school precinct! (Soon to be school playground – but I'm still in denial about that and I reckon I can maintain the denial for another week or so before we actually have to go out and buy the uniform.) So I've been having a close up view of social politics five year old style. I've been doing a lot of standing back and just watching and it's been interesting and even little painful to feel the echoes of my own self-conscious childhood. Us girls are wonderful creative, caring and nurturing beings - yet I guess on the flip side we can be total bitches. Yup – and enigma wrapped up in a riddle!

 Anyhoo I really should stop this procrastination and go and do the bookwork I've been avoiding for weeks now. I'd rather blog, in actual fact I'd rather eat a plate full of brussel sprouts (or maybe those TimTams I just saw on MummyTime)...................


  1. Still no bookwork done... but I have folded mount foldmore and unpacked the dishwasher .....procrastination rules

  2. Wow! Look at your blog. All swish and and swanky. Yay!

    And 5 kids?!?! Do you want some of my vodka?! Tehehehe...

    And ooh, thanks for the mention.

  3. Love the new look Caz. My little angel's cousin came to stay so I also had 2 five year old girls in the house over the last few days and I hear where you're coming from!

    They are both soooooo over everyone asking them if they are excited about starting school soon.

  4. Pretty! And wow, five huh? Your medal's in the post, following shortly thereafter by the tickertape parade and marching band... You are one brave lady!

  5. Oh PPMJ - it sounds like you think they're all mine. Nooooooooooo! My girlfriend just had a ba by (her 6th I know OMG) and two are hers. I only have 3 of my own - and trust me I feel like I still deserve that medal!!

  6. I love the new look - so, so pretty! I'm so glad we have boys - I'm not sure I could handle the bitchiness of girls. Then again, I can be pretty snarky myself, so maybe a bit of competition would be interesting!

  7. I love your new layout! I need to do the same at some point soon. You've inspired me to get to it!

  8. Love the new layout.
    5kids I would freak. I only have 1 & find it hard to juggle with cleaning, cooking & washing.


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