Friday, January 1, 2010

Here comes 2010

So here comes 2010. The year I have told myself I'm going to start making 'me' important again. The re-invention of woman formally known a Muuuuummmmmmy! I have one or two ideas drifting around in my brain about how this is going to happen - but generally nothing concrete. So I thought for today I'd just note down some idea:-

• Start going to some type of fun class that involves exercise. Been thinking about Belly Dancing (that would be a hoot!) or even boring old aqua-aerobics would be a start (have an old war injury knee).
• Start doing something creative. I have this creative energy that needs some expression. Making dress ups for kids, sewing my own clothes and learning how to design them to fit well, learning how to set up a website, renovating our house - all things I've been thinking about.
• Try to eat more healthy food and use food less for comfort/stress release. I want to feel healthy and energetic and I know that means eating more fresh living food. This issue is so often my thorn in the side.
Earn some extra cash. Not much more of an idea on this one yet. But there is an answer out there for me.
Get regular sleep. Ok – I know this one is right out of my control because it's kid dependent – but hey it’s important to me (and every other mummy who’s experienced regular sleep deprivation). Who knew how important sleep is. It really is torture to go without it – just like they say. My brain just hasn’t ever recovered and I’m not sure it will. Perhaps this is why you have to re-invent yourself after children – you can’t go back to before because lack of sleep has wiped that person out completely.
Go shopping more often............ Yup :)
Cook on my own. As much as I love the little pinks sometimes I crave being able to do a few things alone. Cooking is one of them. I wanted them to learn how and enjoy it so have always had them helping – but how i’d love to be able to doing some baking alone! Surprisingly I really enjoy it.
•Ok - I see a theme developing and I think it deserves an entire 'dot' to itself. I see now this is something I really need and is important to me and something I haven't been able to do in year. Be alone. I'm an introvert by nature and never feel really at peace with the world unless I've been able to think things through in my head and/or write about them. May this blog will help a little towards achieving some alone time.

Well I guess that's a start. They all seem like such little things but it's all those little things that add up to make a whole person or more specifically a whole mummy.  So cheers to 2010 being the year some of my focus shifts back to me.


  1. Well here I am just writing myself a comment! Yay Me - doing wonderfully well :)

  2. oh you can comment here too! cool...wonder if dads face these same sort of questions...must go ask! lol

  3. good question anon!! Might ask my other half too!


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