Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No time today - 5 kids in the house!

There won't be much time to play in the blogosphere over the next couple of days.  My girlfriend had her sixth baby at 11pm last night and so I'm looking after a few extras while she has her hospital stay.  So happy that another beautiful little man has landed on earth - but  hoping I can cope with 5 kids without growing any  more grey hairs!  It was sure loud around  here this morning.  Eventually got them all to sit down and make cards for the baby.  Their daddy has just picked them up to go see bubs.  So I've stuck ABC kids on so I can have 30 minutes to allow my ears to stop pinging!  And this is only five - which is normal for  her - and now she'll have six. Now she truly is a supermummy of great proportions!!


  1. Good luck with all of those babies. I have 3 and that's plenty for me!

  2. Yikes! That's a LOT of kids. I struggle with two part-time ones!

  3. Good luck with the hairs (not getting grey)! Your blog is a relaxing feast for the eyes.


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