Thursday, February 11, 2010

blissful silence

Oh My Goodness. Can you believe it? No of cause you can’t either. I’m sitting here alone typing on my laptop in complete silence (if you don’t count the sound of rain falling on the roof). “BLISSFUL”

The biggest pink is at school (evidently already showing her mathematical genius to the world – but that’s another story) and middle pink is staying the night at her granny’s. And the Baby Pink is still fast asleep having her afternoon nap. Frankly I don’t remember the last time I sat here alone. The silence is massaging my ears and making me slightly euphoric.

It’s just me me me me me!

And to top it all off I’m having a girl’s night out at the movies tonight. Could life get any sweeter? Well I could win tatts lotto or get a call from George Clooney .......but for now I think I’ll just settle for this.


  1. Bliss! Silence really is golden - with pink sparkles!

    Enjoy your girls night at the movies - what are you going to see?

  2. Wow - how fabulous for you! If you like a bit of George, I can highly recommend "Up In The Air" if you haven't already decided what you're seeing tonight. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Yay! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  4. Hey, we're winning tatts lotto too! Wow, what a coincidence!

  5. Thank PPMJ - I'll try really hard to enjoy :)

    Kelly - really wanted to see that but it's just not on at right time. So we're gunna see Valentines Day.

    Aneets - thanks :)

    Shelly - well I guess we'll just have to share. But I'm warning you I'm not a good sharer (lol!!)

  6. Hmmm...sounds divine! Have fun tonight. Valentine's Day is supposed to be good :)

  7. George Clooney?? Really?? He's getting a bit too smug for me of late.

    With both kids at school now I get that silence every day and I LOVE IT. Enjoy it :)

  8. Well I'm typing this with my 2 big girls reading aloud to each other, whilst cleaning up from dinner and vaguely listening to what my husband is saying to me too. At least the baby is asleep. Enjoy those pecious moments when you get them and have fun at the movies. X

  9. Will be interested to see what you thought of Valentine's Day. Everyone is in it! Surely it's got to be a good one....

    Your day yesterday sounds heavenly.

  10. Enjoy that "me" time! Sounds heavenly :)


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