Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day confusion!!

I can't believe I made the last post, read it several times and didn't realise it's not in fact Saturday today!!!  It just feels like it.  The big pink is home from school (her last wednesday off) and Daddy is home from work today.  We even had a picnic lunch in the backyard together.  I just feels like a saturday to me......even if the rest of the world is on Wednesday!!
Sorry for the confusion


  1. A rotating roster and night shift, constantly has me in a confused state about which day it is. With big pink and hubs home for the day it is completely understandable why you would be feeling like it's the weekend :)

  2. Thanks DofS - you make me feel better! I'm still giggling at myself. It didn't even cross my mind that it might not be a saturday :)

  3. Let's just call it psuedo Saturday ;)

  4. Hehe - that's hilarious! I've been away at a conference this week and got back late last night. I had to go into work today and could have sworn it was Monday. Thank goodness it's not!


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