Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Saturday Seven List

Wow - what an insane week! The insanity, along with a slight computer glitch, kept me away from my verbal bashing of you all. (I hear the gentle sad sound of the collective owwwww but it's okay - I'm back again.)
It's Saturday and following the lead of my dear friend Corrie at Seven Years On I'm going to list for you some things I'm thankful for in my life at the moment! (Corrie actually does it on Tuesday -but I have to be a little unique)

1. Three healthy happy little pinks girls. (Even though the smallest is teething, has a cold and has decided to give up her day sleep all at once - still love her!)

2. My home. How I love being here and thinking of all the fabulous things we're going to do while we’re here.

3. School reading. Had my first experience of it this week. I love kid’s books and love hearing kids read them. They get so excited and it reminds me how much I love books myself.

4. My laptop computer. Yes you were a little temperamental this week but generally you bring me much joy!

5. My Camera. Like most mummy's I'm addicted to taking photos of my kids. I don't know if I could count as high as you'd need to count if you wanted to count how many I have! (Just testing how many times I could say count in one sentence.)

6. Play-dough. Yep, play-dough. We made a new blue batch the other day. I love the warm feeling of soft new play-dough and so do the little pinks!!

7. Last but never least My husband. He keeps my mind sharp, makes me think and inspires me to better myself.

I think it’s a really good life principle to be thankful for what we have. Even on my worst day I have so much more than so many others. A simple thank-you never goes astray!


  1. What a great List of things to be thankful for :)

  2. Such a great idea. Often we forget our blessings!

  3. OMG!!! It's not even saturday - it's wendesday!! That's it - my brain is fried and I think I need a holiday......what the????? You see if feels like saturaday to me.

  4. I love lists. Love yours. Love the fact that you think it is Saturday today!


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