Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The terror of two year old teething

We're just passing through what will be our last experience with two year old molar teething.  I was up seven times last night (yes I count, can't help myself).   I hate seeing them in so much pain - and I also hate not getting good sleep myself.  This to shall pass...........I reminded myself a thousand times today!  You'd think I'd be getting better at this after so much practice such luck.


  1. Nurofen? For both of you? I hope those toothypegs fix themselves soon and that yu get some decent sleep......

  2. Teething gel = fun for everyone. Love Posie

  3. I'll throw another teether in there - Hylands Teething Tabs, from the chemist. Worked a charm for the bug. Hope it's over soon, teething sucks :(

  4. Oh, my dear, that sounds AWFUL for both of you! Hope this all "passes" soon!! Hang in there!

  5. Thanks so much for the ideas! Nice to have some mummy support on my side. Good night last night. Think she was so tired from being so grumpy (and refusing her afternoon nap) that she zonked out. She didn't wake up until 6.00am - Blissful mummy :)

  6. You sound just like me.
    My 2 have all their teeth now (thank God) but I always count how many times I get up, too.
    And my manta is the same as yours, 'This too shall pass'...and it does, though it feels like it never will on the 7th 'get-up'.

    PS I'm with Lucy, Nurofen!!

  7. such good advice from everybody. I know nothing about two year olds so may I suggest vodka?

  8. Vicki - i have 4 kids and I'd be suggesting the vodka too!! LOL

    Hope you are nice and well rested for our visit on sat Caz. So looking forward to coming and see you, nick and the pinks.

    p.s. tell charlie that I am looking forward to seeing him to...a visit to your house is just not a visit with out charlie deafening that doggy!!!


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