Monday, February 8, 2010

Things to do....... things to do

Sorry to bore you ........a few things I need to get done and thought it might help my somewhat fluff filled brain to remember them.  Feel free to skip on over the next blog - or read on if you dare.  Warning - this may burst your bubble if you were thinking my life was anything but mundane!
  • Get big pinks ballet gear organised (well buy it before her second lesson on saturday)
  • Take working with families check to PO so i can do reading at school
  • Update monthly bookwork
  • Follow up with Yellow Pages - what the is going on there?
  • Start getting the teddy border off big pinks room so I can paint it pink!
  • Start getting quotes (bathrooms, kitchen and skylight for hallway)
  • Sort out my photos (been on my list for about three years now - yikes)
  • Buy pictures frames for kids pictures in the playroom. (Going to buy some op-shoppy ones and paint them and then but the kids drawings in them.)
  • Find some time to make some more bags.
  • Clean out the messy pantry cupboard
  • Start menu planning again (saves so much time, energy and money!)
  • Finish cleaning up the front gardens.


  1. Just jumped up and cleaned out the pantry. Check one!! Yay me........ now let see how far i get with the rest of em.

  2. Go Caz, you can go it. I have a list about that long as well, but cant be bothered!!! LOL Not today anyway!!

  3. The to do list! Always something to be done! Life is certainly very busy. I too have grand plans, my focus is on little steps. Everything takes time, I don't think I've ever had an 'blank' to do list!
    Well done Caz on the weight loss last week! Great effort :)

  4. It may be mundane, but it's real life and we all have one of those. It's nice to have a dose of reality in the blog world every now and then!

  5. Posting my to-do list on my blog guarantees that I'll get it done. Hope it works for you too!

  6. I think this is a great idea- I have about 5 to do lists on the go, putting it on your blog makes it central.

  7. now that you have written it down then it has to be done. Good luck :)


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