Sunday, February 7, 2010

Balancing Boxes

To my seriously neglected blog,

What can I say to you? Sorry but it’s been a big week in the ‘T.A.M’ household and something had to give! I love you my little blog. You are my outlet, my ‘me time’ and my way of meeting other like minded people around the globe – but you do seem to eat time. So this week I just had to back off and put some energy into a few other things. There is lots going on in my life my little friend and while you are my sounding board and confidant, some days I really need to just get out and live it. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing! Just wanted to let you know that I still love and need you. Kiss Kiss –me.

How do you all do it? Balance seems to be evading me at the moment. Too many things seem to have caught my interest and I’m just not fitting them all in or balancing them with the family. I know myself well enough to know it will come ........but in the meantime if you have any tips of how you find balance lay them on me please.  You may have guessed I’m the type of gal who likes life to fit into boxes. I consider myself pretty relaxed and easy going but I like to know how things fit emotionally and spiritually in my life.

Even my little blog has caused me to think this week. I started blogging for me. Writing helps me understand myself better. I can sit down at the keyboard feeling angry, frustrated, sad or any other random emotion and by the time I’ve spilled out a few paragraphs I generally know exactly what going on. It gives me validation and feedback – blogging is great. But then you start collecting followers and it’s fun! That makes me start second guessing what I’m writing. Will people be interested? (Are you bored yet?) Should I do more short quirky posts? Should I start a second blog for my personal blah blah and maybe a third one for my creative stuff (oh and then a 4th one to talk about my weight loss). Or maybe I should just stop – or at the very least get over myself and just keep doing what makes me happy.   Good point me! See it works every time.

Weight Watcher On line Update:
My first weight in today and I’ve lost 1.5kgs – Yay me!
(Ok let’s be honest I did sneak a couple of weighs during the week because I just had to know it was working).

I’m counting my weight loss backward by children. (Yes really, it does make sense.) Right how I’m working on the one year olds weight (goal one get back to how much I weighed pre- 3rd little pinks birth, goal two get back to how much I weighed pre 2nd little pinks birth and I think you can guess the rest!)


  1. Hey caz,
    I miss you!! Just wanted to let you know that!!
    As with balancing things that are happening in life and family will come...its all about getting the hang of new things happening in your life (like school). I almost run our house to a routine which works for us. Breakfast by a certain time, readers done as soon as they get home from school, no food after 4, dinner by 6pm. bed by 7.30...the list goes on but its just working out what suits your family and how you want things to run in your house. It gets easier!!!
    Love ya.

  2. Thanks Coz, miss you guys too!! Life is certainly a little out of whack now we've got the school thing happening. (We've already stolen the no food past 4pm rule off you!!!!)Need to come over for proper catch up soon. Is Fabs back?

  3. fabs not on yet...not sure what is happening with it this year as some changes have happened in the church...will fill you in when we see you...feel like visitors on the 20th Feb? Luke asks us about 3 times a day - "when can we go and visit Caitlin??" its so cute.

  4. My life is one eternal balancing act.

    Work, study, kids, couple time, me time, friends, family, renovations, wedding plans, blogging. It's a constant juggle, but somehow it all gets done.

    For the last three months I have been getting up at 5:00am on weekdays in order to have an hour to myself before the day starts. Without this, I don't think I'd cope.

    I'm also a black belt in multitasking, organising and prioritising. Without these skills I would be lost!

    PS - well done on the weight loss. That is a fabulous effort! xx

  5. That explains the early comments Ms Kelly!! Can I borrow your black belt?

  6. I wish I had the answer to balance.

    Some evenings I find myself in blog land until 2 or 3am... Sometimes I am online even though my hubby, who is often away with his work, is home for the first time all week.

    Strange, captivating world this blogging thing.
    Glad to have you back.


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