Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breathing space for my soul

Don't you just love these words:
"Breathing space for my Soul"
It's one of those phrases that means something different to everyone.  To me it means time alone to unwind my thoughts and muse over things in my life that need to be mused.  As you can well imgaine that's not something that comes along all that often to a mummy of three who works 18 hours a week and is mid house renovation.  But right now, with school, kinder, playgroup and work all on holidays it's starting to happen.  Feels wonderful.  I can feel my  mind and body starting to relax a little.  Now I can start to remember why I love my life so much and how important and beautiful those three little pink people I co-created are.  Thank you God for a little breathing space for my soul!
How do you find breathing space?


  1. Leaving myself a comment again. Just coz I can :O)

  2. It sounds like your due a nice big break. Don't come often enough. I escape into my iPad world for an hour once the kids go to bed. Sometimes I read, sometimes I watch movies. But it's my time.


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