Friday, December 17, 2010


This morning I'm just a little bit excited 
Such a happy word.

I've spent the past 7 days counting down lasts.  Last ballet lesson.  Last Kinder session.  Last pre-christmas get-to-gether thingy, last school reading, last day of work.  With each one  I've gotten just a litte more excited.   And today it's the last day of school. - the final entry on my list.     Then ( can you see me do a little happy dance around my semi-renovated lounge room in my pajamas) it's holidays.  Six weeks of blissful family time ..... 
and I'm just so ready!

On a slightly different note I can't believe my beautiful little preppie pink has already finished her first year of school.  She took to school like a duckling to water and has made her mummy and daddy very proud.  But even she is, I think looking forward to some time off from the routine and of cause Christmas.

So today, I relax and enjoy the happy feeling of knowing the the routine and patterns of term-time life are about to stop.  I look forward to  getting to spend time in my favourite place (home) with my favourite people (family) doing some of my very favourite things.  Throw in a little holiday to the Adelaide Hills and an extended family celebration to say happy birthday to Jesus - and I'm one happy happy camper. 

Hope your day is a happy one too ...


  1. Enjoy your holidays with the girls and Nick.
    Might try and pop over to your huse before we leave Benders. love ya. xx

  2. Thanks Coz :O). Love to catch up again - as always.

  3. You'll be in the Hills? Just as I am driving out of them to NSW....

    Have a wonderful holiday!


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