Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's defeat holiday boredom one kid at a time.

Holiday are coming. Time to get organised. I used to shake my head in bemusement at a playgroup leader friend who would 'prepare in advance' for holidays. By the time the kids got unleashed from school she'd have a literal heap of crafts, games and other kiddie amusements sitting on standby for when then 'Mummy what can we do now' started. Now I shake my head in wonder at her clever- ness and hope to emulate her. I've tried it (being organised that is) and it really is a winner of an idea, but it does take effort on the behalf of the mummy. So I'm going to start a list today of my five top ideas that keeps my pinks amused. Help me out and leave a comment if you have others that can help save my sanity over the holidays:

  1. Painting. Easy one first. I give the kids a stack of recycled A4. When they've finished and their masterpieces are dry, I staple each child's together and make a book. That way i only have three sets of paintings to deal and we can write a story too.
  2. Making a city. I try to save any large bits of cardboard (from flattened out boxes) and then let the kids make their own cities with crayons or felt tipped pens. They draw roads, gardens, houses etc and then get out all the little people toys/cars and hopefully play happily for ages. The only draw back is I have to keep the huge bits of cardboard for weeks on end as they won't let me get rid of them.
  3. Stack-a-dails. Toilet rolls, egg cartons, tissues boxes, yogurt containers. Put them all in a box and save them. They're great. Get the kids to draw faces on the toilet rolls, use egg cartons as cars, stack tissue boxes together and make houses. Mine love this game and it will amuse them for ages and it amazes me how far their imaginations will take them. (My six year old coined the stackadail term when she was two). I keep them all in a bigger cardboard box - and simply recycle them when they get old and manky.
  4. Mr Maker. The pinks love this show to bits. So last holidays I started giving each of them a container filled with interesting bits and peices and letting them come up with something cool Mr Maker style. I put a glue stick, large paper, cut up shapes or bit of paper, leaves and petals from the garden, bits of wool, buttons, toilet rolls, glitter and anthing else I have around the house in the container. Works a treat - but you do have to put up with the shouts of 'FRAME IT'.
  5. Playdough. Not so original but so good. I make it using the recipe on the Cream of Tarter. But thanks to a Facebook friend now know if you make it with boiling hot water straight from the kettle you don't need to cook it and it only takes a minute of stirring rather than ten arm breaking minutes! Luckly for me I still love playdough. Last holidays we all made an entire Top Gear set from the stuff. The entire kitchen table was covered in roads, cars and Jeremy Clarkson. Yes, I do only have girls but their Daddy love Top Gear and the best thing is I got to put Jeremy Clarkson back in his box!! Mummy is not a Top Gear fan.
So that's my top five, what are yours?


  1. Your top five is my top five. Add in "Mummy has to do the bleeping ironing, so who wants to do Hama beads" and you are pretty much looking at my day....

  2. this is a great list! I try to be prepared too and find it makes a huge difference to my holiday peace. We love chalk drawing, swimming in the pool and building with blocks. Naomi x

  3. Found you through Mother Heart, love your list. Especially 1 & 3!

  4. See? Now I look at that and think "Eeek too much craft!" Hahahahahaha Luckily for us we have a swimming pool. I know I should do more imaginative craft stuff with them but I just shudder at the thought. I may (or may not) do the city or the playdough this year though. Wish me luck! :D


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