Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do you dance in public?

I love those words.
 It reminds me that life is short and you have to grasp it, live and love it.
It’s far to easy to get carried away with the immediate blahh blahh (yes technical term there) of life and forget the importance of living in the moment.
Forget the importance of doing what makes you happy.
Forget the importance of really living life.
The fear of what other people think stunts your growth and should have a serious health warning


  1. Yes I'm commenting on my own post!! My posts look so lonely without comments so I'm making myself happy and doing it myself :O) Oh yes - it does help to be a little insane.

  2. Love the thoughts Caz...very true that we all need to take a step back and look at our life and see whats important. love ya. xx

  3. Great post and reminder to truly be free and not worry about what others think...

    PS: I'm currently running a deliciously decadent giveaway that I think will be right up your alley...

  4. And sing like no one (apart from your children) is listening?

    My kids love it when I sing in the car. It reminds me that they do not care if I can hold a tune or not. They just love it when I am INVOLVED.

    A lesson there, for me, I suspect.....


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