Monday, December 20, 2010

Organically Organised Mummy

Was inspired for this post by a facebook friend who has become addicted to Jade the Super Organised Mum and her blog, which is hosted over at (If you haven’t checked out her Super Organised Mum blog you probably should – it’s filled with amazing ideas and beautiful post). Anyway we were discussing her Christmas display and how she manages to keep it looking so beautiful and pristine with two young children to both look after generally and keep away from the display. Now, I consider myself to be rather creative, clever and organised but there is no way I could pull that one off.

My hat comes off to Jade. Me, I hand the kid’s the decorations and let them put them on the tree. Our tree is never perfect. Not from the start. And despite my attempts to keep them away from it they still seem to re-arrange the decorations a gazillion times before we even get to Christmas. (Perhaps that’s my phlegmatic side showing as per my last post *insert embarrassed giggle here*.

Anyway this little conversation has got me wondering about the balance between being organised and organic with kids. I see great strengths in both, but know that, as with most things in life, balance is the key. As you probably know I do love to be organised and use ideas to help our house hold run better – but I also love to see the kids get messy and use their minds to come up with creative ideas and play. This, needless to say, is not always a neat organised process, and as my facebook buddie told me, “you find the paint from potato print Christmas wrapping paper in places you never thought to look for a lot of days afterwards”. I think perhaps my parenting style should be termed ‘organically organised’. Hmmm, is this even possible I ask myself? I really don't know .... but sure think it sounds good!


  1. I go through organisation spurts... usually when I'm not at work and have more time to devote to crafty ideas for my little angel. Last week we made paper plate Santa's and I'm still finding glitter everywhere. Merry Christmas to you and your family Caz.

  2. so true Karen ... hope you guys have a wonderful chrissy as well :O)


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