Sunday, December 26, 2010

That was Christmas.

Well that was Christmas and wasn't it grand!  Presents, wrapping paper, family, friends,  more presents, food, champagne - we had the lot and loved it. (And while I know it's not supposed to  be all about the presents just let me whisper that I LOVE MY NEW IPOD AND DOCKING STATION! 

And now we move forward. Boxing day.  I'm expecting a visit from a very dear old tea drinking friend (very excited to catch up with her)  and  I'm also packing up my little family as we're heading off for our Adelaide Hills holiday at 4.00am tomorrow morning.  Have not packed one thing as yet (yikes!!).  Can't help but ask whose idea was it to go away the day after boxing day??? (oh yeah - that's right mine - shhhhhh!).  Nevermind, a try hard supermummy like me will get it all done with plenty of time to spare.

One thing I love about this time of year is the fact that life slows down a little and you get some time to reflect, reevaluate and think about what you want to achieve from the year ahead.  I plan on doing a bit of this while we're away.  Thinking about what's important and trimming off some of those energy sappers from around my life that dont' really count.  I can feel a few buzzing around already - which I'm sure you'll all hear more about over coming weeks.  I'm looking forward to it, just getting away, it's gonna be good!

So there probably won't be much action around here for a day or ten.  (And maybe I'll be able to cure this blasted insomnia which has had me up making blog posts at 4.00am pretty much every morning - or maybe not.)  Regardless, I'll be looking forward to catching up with the New Years plans, goals, resolutions and anti-resolutions of the blogging world (and adding my own) when we get back.



  1. Oh get some sleep my dear, happy travels & yes, cut away those energy sappers, i'm doing my studio as that is my energy drain at the moment, too messy!! Love Posie

  2. Thanks Posie :) Enjoy your christmas wind down!


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