Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where have all the brain cells gone?

What is it about being a mummy that seems to rot your brain cells? To qualify this statement I don’t think I’ve actually lost any IQ points – what really seems to have failed is my short-term memory. I seem to muddle my way through the days at the moment, and frankly it’s getting frustrating. I want my brain back!! I've turned into one of those people who ‘have to’ write lists in order to remember to do things. Things that once, back in the day, I could simply tell myself mentally and it would just happen. Just so you know what I mean let me tell you there have been many days recently when I’ve had this fantastic blog idea inspiringly jump into my head and thought, great tonight I’ll sit down and blog it out. But, alas it seems the part of my brain that holds onto these little titbits of information has died and gone to heaven. If you have seen my missing brain cells please tell them to come home - mummy misses them!


  1. Totally understand Caz, I think the more kids you have the more brain cells you loose coz the kids take them!! xx

  2. Think you might be righ Coz - but I'm ready to find my memory again - does it eva come back????

  3. Caz I'm so glad you popped up on my blog again after becoming a follower (and thank you for doing that!) because I couldn't find become a follower of yours or get to know who you are. By the way I call your 'missing brain' thing just a brain overload...there comes a time when there is just so much new info and new things happening I think the brain just retains a portion of what it is being told..whatever it regards as 'not as important as' gets deleted!!! (that's my theory!!!)

  4. I completly agree, what is with this happening when we become mums?!

    I have tagged you over at my blog, don't feel you need to participate though! x

  5. I look at it this way - it's a brain balance to protect us from panicking, stressing, overreacting to all the things our children do, if we had our regular childfree/ business brain on, when we only had to worry about ourselves - we'd get so worked up about family, we'd explode. If we're calm & have a zillion things to do for other people, we distract ourselves. Just like pregnancy, your body makes you vague so stress washes over you!! I'm about to go back to having 4 children in 2 different schools with high school for our eldest next year, i'll be writing lists & filing more paperwork than ever!! Love Posie

  6. Lucy - thanks - I'll hop on over and have a look see :)

    Posie - I think you're right. That explains it very well. I'll be keeping that in mind (if I have enough brain cells left to remember :)

    Carol - glad we can connect. Look forward more of it :)


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