Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 goals for 2011 ...or just another blog post about New Years stuff :O)

For the 41st time I'm sitting here on the 1st of January thinking about what the next 12 months might hold for me and my dear ones.  (Okay - so I probably didn't give it too much thought for the first 15 or so years  - but I think you get my vibe here :)   I'm at my brother's house in the beautiful Adelaide Hill on my blissful little pat malone.  (The dear one and the three little pinks have gone to Mannem for the afternoon with the brother and SIL.)  I've got my brother's laptop and I'm ready to come up with some inspiring goals for myself to keep me on track for 2011. (Wish that dang CFS beeper woulds stop it's incessant beeping - how do you shut those things off??).  Anyhoo, I'm thinking I'll try for 11 goals for 2011 ..... so here I go:
  1. Regain my fitness and strength and lose some weight.  Diving right on in with a big one here. I hate this one because frankly I suck at it.  Yes I really do. I've lost weight heaps of time only to put it all (yes you guess it, plus a little more) back on every time.   I'm one of those people who love to eat.  Consuming food it pretty much a hobby with me and the thought of depriving myself strikes fear to my core.   Somehow food and happiness seem to skip merrily along to happiness town in my brain *insert slight embarassed blush about here*.  But alas, I've written it down now and must go with it yet again.  It's time to stop the comfort eating and move this butt. (God help me - you know I'm gunna need it:)
  2. Make more of an effort with my friends. The dear one and I have both been talking about this one.  We had the very unfortunate experience of losing a friend to suicide during 2010 and it truly shook our world.  It has however made us determined to open our hearts and minds to those special people in our lives and make sure they know how much we value them.  It's so easy to get lost in your own little life when you have young children.  There is enough going on just within your own four walls to keep you busy and entertained without even passing your own mail box.  This is the year I plan to start looking outwards a bit more and connecting more regularly with those in our friendship group.
  3. Keep blogging.  I love blogging and dream out having loads of followers and being able to contribute something positive and fun to the blogging community.  I have this little bloggy dream about using my blog to help out other mummies trying to make money from home while looking after their kids.   The idea I have will take time, commitment and follow through but I would dearly love to see it happen.  I've also started to slowly teach myself backend blogging (you know learning all that geeky html and stuff). Its hard work for a tired out old mummy brain - but I'd like to continue and keep learning it.  (Setting myself a little mini goal of achieve 200 follower by the end of the year - so please help out my following along if you aren't already :)
  4. Be involved in the school and kinder communities. I've been doing school reading with the biggest pink's pre/one class during 2010 and will continue this. It's so rewarding and I love that I now know all of the children in her grade.  It's also a grand old feeling getting to know the other school parents.
  5. Work. Just in case you didn't know I've been back at work since April as a case manager with a local disability support agencies.  Wonderful work in a wonderful environment. I'm backfilling for maternity leave and my contract ends in four weeks.  My goal is to continue working but reduce my hours (that even though I only work 18 hours a week atm!!).  At this point I'm not sure what this will entail but it could mean job hunting, or recommitting where I am.
  6. Go camper trailer camping with the family. (This one will make the dear one very happy :)
  7. Attend body balance classes.
  8. Support the dear one with his new business.
  9. Finish renovating the house.
  10. Plant out the garden beds.
  11. Get an Iphone.
So there they be.   11 personal goals for 2011.  Now let's hope when I re-read these on my 42nd january 1st I can feel happy and satisfied that I have made a good effort towards achieving them all. 

Hoping all your new years goals and resolutions and already inspiring you to new things.


  1. Thanks PPMJ - it's hope I can make them happen :O)

  2. Good luck in getting to your goals Caz

  3. Good goals! I'll help you with #1 (come see me on weds).
    (Love #11 - just snuck that one in there hey??)
    I'm just about to write my resolutions down...
    Really great to meet you - happy new year!

  4. Ah yes, my diet started, the garden is planted, i'm on my way to 2011 already!! Your schools will love you, they will work you hard, so pace yourself. Happy New Year, love Posie

  5. Thanks gals. Let's hope we're all meeting those goals and resolution before the 31st of December 2011. Cate - I'll pop over and check out your wednesday thingy :)

  6. love the goals - totally achievable and how exciting if they all happen for you - good luck and I look forward to seeing how you go this year. Naomi xx

  7. Caz, I love your goals. They are spookily similar to mine.

    When I am back into a routine, I will post mine...


  8. Thanks Naomi and Lucy I'll look forward to reading your goals when they're up!

  9. Great goals Caz, I'm sure you'll love the camper-trailer camping (we take the boys all the time) it's the best thing for 'family time'. Looking forward to hearing how you're getting on with your goals through 2011. Good luck. Jac x

  10. I love your goals they are all workable and achieveable. I hope you come along for our ride in the fitness will be great to have you along..I'll post more about it tonight xx

  11. Hi Caz, I am so sorry, I don't think I've visited you since you came back from your blogging break (and that was ages ago!). I'm sorry to read you lost a friend to suicide last year. But the goals you have set all sound absolutely wonderful and fulfilling. I promise to make more of an effort to drop by. Happy 2011 to you!

  12. I love your goals babe - looks like 2011 will be a good one for you. Thanks so much for following me and leaving such a supportive comment. I can't wait to get skinny with you :)

  13. Hello! I've just popped over to your blog and really love it. Your honesty and being you is obvious. You're welcome to pop over anytime. I've just broken a couple of my new year's resolutions already. Obviously not a sticker for this kind of thing! xx


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