Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogger Butt Bazingas

It's that time again.  Time to talk Butt.  Every Saturday I link up with Naomi of Seven Cherubs and Michelle of Farmers Wifey and a bunch of other fabulous bloggers determined to relinquish old habits and reduce the circumference of our butts.

This week I've made some progress in the way of two  insights which seem to be helping me change my lifestyle.  Now neither of these are earth shattering hidden revelations - just things I've known forever that seem to have finally penetrated that barrier between knowledge and knowing in my mind.

Firstly let's talk exercise.  Did you know exercise can change your mood?  Whoop Whoop Whoop - well who'da thunk that!      Seriously, I can't tell you how often I've heard people say that - but for the past six year of self depriving child rearing I  just haven't been able to get myself past the initial discomfort to experience it.  It really hit home for me today when I started to feel a serious attack of the hormonal horrors building.   As I was sitting down getting ready to 'set my face to scowl' and 'my attitude to grump' for the afternoon, I had a sudden flash of a Dr Phil show I'd watched some time ago. I could just see his little round face bopping up and down when he said "When I feel like I don't want to exercises I know i really need to". So in reverence to Dr Phil I told scowl and grump to hold off for a minute while I pulled out the Wii and had a little fitting session for 30 minutes.  You'll be able to guess what happened next .... yup I felt better and still do and it's  hours later now.  Bazinga!

Secondly, mindful eating also seems to be starting to erode some of the sad messages years of 'off and on' dieting have programed into my mind.   I'm suddenly finding its tea time and I'm ravenously  hungry. Thinking back I'll realise I haven't eaten since morning tea.  For me this is close to miraculous. I'm so used to thinking about food ,or more precisely eating, constantly.  Last night I simple 'chose' not to have anything to eat after the girls went to bed.  It was so empowering. Such a simple thing that I'm sure sounds totally ridiculous to most. But for a worn out dieter, who has always depended on food for comfort, this seriously impressive. Bazinga!!

And now for the TOTALLY MIND BLOWING, TOP IT ALL OFF moment of this post.  I've lost weight without really even trying that hard.  The Wii fit test I did during the week said I've dropped over a kilo since i started my Wii Fitting. "O HAPPY DANCE" (sung by a choir of angels to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus).  Exercises and mindful eating - how I love thee!

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  1. Oh Caz - well done! Sounds like you've had a really great week! Go the exercise-buzz. Sometimes I can clean the entire house just off the energy I get from a good workout. I especially like to workout with friends though because then I feel even better to be around other happy people :-)
    here's to another good week

  2. Woohoo!! Go you! I love your revelations, they may just be the key for you. Keep up the good work xo

  3. Thanks Cate and Becky :) feeling positive right now.

  4. hi caz just to let you no i have awarded you the "versatile blogger award" please check out my page for the details =)

  5. Oh thank you aussiebummummy. How delightful:) Wil pop over - how exciting

  6. I'm thinking I might join in on this eventually, you're all doing so well

  7. First of all I love Dr Phil...and secondly, well done to you!!!!! I love that you have had a great week, keep up the good work and the support you are giving the rest of us here!!

  8. Yippee!! for you!! I am going to remember that when i next fell the grumps coming on :-)

  9. Good for you. I'm with you, exercise is like a natural and instant anti-depressant. Losing weight/getting fit is a bonus!

  10. Well done to you Caz.
    I'm an early-morning walker, love that it sets you up for the day in a positive light.
    Look forward to following your progress.

  11. Am doing a happy dance for you here on my couch!!
    Well done Caz- legendary stuff!

  12. Insert serious *Happy Dance* for you!! How wonderful and I soooo love your *Bazinga* moments :)

    You are going awesome and achieving great results.
    Woo hoo!

    naomi xx

  13. Well done may the Hallelujah siren song & happy dance continue and the kilos miraculously melt off into a wii puddle.
    I wrote a post this week about conquering the cravings - and since I've commited it to 'blog' I have to stick to it ;)
    I love the word Bazinga by the way !

  14. Good on you - well done!! I hope you have another wonderful week ahead x

  15. Congratulations on bringing it all together for a great result! I'd be grateful for that...


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