Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogger Butts V Lifestyle Butt

Right then. In an attempt to live up to my 2011 goals I’m joining with Namoi of Seven Cherubs here  and/or Michelle the Farmers Wifey here on their Blogger Butt Challenge. Now to be totally honest blogger butt is not really what I’m dealing with. I think you might more aptly describe mine as lifestyle butt. I still need to lose the pregnancy weight from my 1st, 2nd and 3rd pregnancies/children, as well as the weight I was carrying before I got pregnant. As I think I may have mentioned in a previous post I don’t do diets well. I’ve tried a few and lost weight - but as the story generally goes it all comes back and usually brings a few kg friends along to enjoy the party on my butt.

So, you could say I’m a little hesitant as dieting frankly in the past it has made me fat! But what is a girl to do. I can’t ignore my expandiness forever. So here I am planning on being very sensible about losing 5% of my body weight by March. That means about 4.5kgs for me. (I’ll leave you to do the maths if you want – but rest assured I’m currently a bit of a boombah and wear a size 18).

My plan is just to eat better and smaller and exercise more. Sounds simple hey. Let’s hope I can do it. A big key for me will be not using food to comfort and appease my inner being. Truly wish I new how to do that and if anyone out there does – please tell me :O). So for the next 8 or 9 Saturdays this is what I’ll be blogging about. You’ll be hearing about my exercise, menu plans and my battle not to feed the 2 year old within who just wants what she wants and stamps her feet when she doesn’t get it!! 

If you also want to join the Blogger Butt Challenge please pop over to either of Noami and Michelle's blogs and sign on up. Come on, I’m going to need all the support and encouragement I can muster!!


  1. Go Caz - 5% is a great and realistic goal. You'll feel so much better for it. I'll be watching with interest (no pressure, much!!)

  2. I am in the same spot as you re the butt! Trying to get back the great mindset that is key to success. Not easy. I think I also possess a v defiant inner 2 year old! You sound like you have taken a sensible moderate approach - and for me this is the only way. Nothing extreme. Small achievable goals. Good luck to both of us!

  3. I feel you! I've been trying to lose that baby weight for three years! It's so hard.

  4. Thank you for your support ladies! Mammabook I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a two year old within :O)


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