Monday, January 31, 2011

Eggless Chocolate Cake

On the little pinks and my endless journey to find the most perfect cake recipes we accidentally discovered this  little chocolate number.   After getting all organised for our weekly cake baking session this morning I suddenly realised we were eggless  (a shameful condition something akin to legless but much worse when cooking cakes!).  Never fear, I told the little pink people as I dashed off to the the Internet to research eggless cake cooking.  And this is what I found (thanks to the fabulous Best Recipes.)   You'd honestly never know this cake lacks eggs.  Perfect for those with egg intolerance, or just for mummies who run out of eggs!!  Very simple to make and super moist to eat. 

1.5 cups of SR flour
1 cup of sugar
4 tbsp Coco
1 tsp bicarb soda
1 cup of coffee (or plain water)
1/3 cup of vegetable oil
2 tbsp vinegar
2tps vanilla

Combine dry ingredients
Combine wet ingredients
Combine wet & dry together and mix well
Poor into 20cm tin and bake at 185C for 30-40 minutes
Stand cake for 10 minutes in tin before removing.

Mr eggless just out of the oven

Little hands at work
The finished product - rather delicious.

This cake is one we'll make again as it's just so simple and low fuss with a great taste to effort ratio.  The fact that you can make it without eggs is also a bonus.  Penny and Benny (our chookens) are currently refusing to lay and I don't always remember to buy them! (Dont worry Blogger Butt friends - only had a little bit myself, promise!)


  1. That looks amazing Caz. Also love the fact that you have a weekly bake session with the pinks!

  2. What a great idea caz, love the blog so much that I've decided to start one of my own!!

  3. Yay Em - send me a link please. Blogging has become my little hobby :)

  4. wow that looks divined
    I often get recipes from best recipes too
    Going to have to try this one yum

  5. Recipes that are easily put together are made the most in my house...that one fits the bill I think and looks delicious!

  6. My niece is allergic to eggs and we always struggle with cakes for her birthdays (usually go for ice cream cake, which doesn't go that well in winter). I'll bookmark your recipe to try at her next birthday.

  7. Oh how I wish I'd seen this recipe an hour or so ago when I still had time to make it. having SUCH a chocolate hankering and have run out of time as my oven is crap and would take 1.5hours to bake this. *sigh* i shall remember for next time though!

  8. Baking in the oven now! We have eggs, but in honour of the non-egg laying chickens post on my blog from yesterday, your recipe was perfect. I'm aiming to do a cook and share blog once a week too. (Hope you don't mind, but I'll be referring ppl back to your post and recipe with a link :) )


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