Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness - the greatest gift

"The greatest gift you can give to those you love is to be happy yourself - that way they'll never have to worry about you again."

This is a cazaphrase (okay paraphrase) of something I saw in a book a few months back.  I read a lot and can't remember exactly which book it was, but it had a powerful affect on my life.  These words often swim around in my mind and play a part in decisions I make.  Don't you think it's a wonderful gift to give to those you love? Never having to worry about being responsible for your happiness.

I like being responsible for my own happiness - it  makes me feel powerful and in control of my life.  
 I love that it can set other free from worrying about me.  I'm grateful for that!


  1. Great sentiment - truely love it :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Thanks Cate - you make sure you have a great one too my bloggy buddy :)

  3. It took me a while last year to figure this out too. I am so glad I did though. It was a truly freeing realisation. Great post. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  4. That is just the most delicious sentiment. So true, so true. x

  5. That;'s so weird. I met a friend last night who I haven't seen in 25 years - adn we got into one of those philosophical conversations (as you do after 25 years!) and we talked about the impact of our parents relaitonships on us. hers were happy and mine were not. I felt responsible for my mum's happiness and have all my life. Reading that now, gave me such a jolt as I realise that is what I want for my children - to not be responsible for my happiness. Thank you... for writing that just when I needed it...


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