Monday, January 3, 2011


What a great family holiday but how nice is it to be home again.  My kitchen table it fully covered with our unpacking and the house fairies have not been in to finish off our renovations while we were away - but still I love coming home.

Our time in the beautiful Adelaide Hills was oh so relaxing and enjoyable.  We stayed in a beautiful old South Australian home with family near Birdwood.  (Photos haven't even been downloaded yet, these ones are compliments of google :) We visited attractions, had a mummy and daddy night off in fabulous hotel in the city, played on the beach and spent our nights talking and watching movies.  Even the road travel was good.  We stop a lot (park hopping from town to town) and make it as much fun as possible and it works.

But even so how I love to drive up our driveway and see our home before me. Reminds me that at heart I am a home body.  So now I'm off to unpack from our holiday and uncrhistmas our house.  Enjoy your day. (ps - thanks google for these lovely Adelaide Hills photos:)


  1. We drove past the Rocking Horse last week aswell! When visiting family in the Barossa. Miss the place so much at times but feels great to be home in QLD again. Glad you had a great holiday xx

  2. Sounds blissful! Glad you enjoyed your time away.

  3. We probably passed one another - the Rocking Horse is moments from where we live.

    I am so glad you had such a good time.

  4. Wow - there must be something about them there Hills!!


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