Thursday, January 13, 2011

The loves of my life

My most precious people. How I love my family - my beautiful little pink people and their Daddy.  They amaze me daily and drive me totally insane occasionally - but that my friends is life in the family lane.  I told the littlest pink the other day that she was 'driving mummy crazy',  to which she said "mummy I don't drive".  Very true little pink. 
This shot was taken by my sil while we walked along the beach on our Adelaide holiday.  (Ahem - it is also proof positive that I need that Blogger Butt Challenge:)


  1. He he, my husband is much taller than me too, just helps our leggy children look even more like they don't belong to me. Great shot!! Love Posie

  2. I love this pic. if only we had someone to follow us and take pics like this lol one of us is always missing from the u live in SA?

  3. Lovely photo, I love that you're in there as the mummas so often aren't!
    Your daughter's response is so cute. Children have such a special way of understanding, don't they :)

  4. Awww, you know I was just thinking that looked an SA beach (don't ask me why I thought that...maybe it's a geological thing??)

    And thank you again a million times for being sucha pay-it-forward sport!! Don't forget, for it to be official you have to do your own post and then put the link to that post in my comments section...TA!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thansk ladies - I've actually always wanted to show a family shot from behind. I have heaps of daddy with his girls - but nice to get one with me too.
    Cate - hopefully tommorow I'll do my pay it forward.
    Becky - thanks for following :O)
    Aussie mum - no I'm a Victorian but have family in them there Adelaide Hills.


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