Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Renovation Reload

Okay, I figure I've blabbed rather a lot about the stresses of renovating with kids so it's only fair I post some pictures and show you what all the fuss had been about.   I've resisted doing so in the past as it just doesn't look finished yet.  I'm hoping once the new flooring goes down (hopefully within the next 2 months) there will be a dramatic improvement and I'll be feeling the renovation love and doing a very large 'little old happy dance'.

We bought our place just over a year ago.  We had almost decided not the move back to beautiful Ballarat until we stumbled across this little gem.  As soon as we walked in we new she had 'good bones' and despite her very unstylish early 80s decor she would make the perfect home for our family to grow up in. Masses of super wide decking, five tree filled acres, views of Mt Buninyong and city lights sealed the deal.

The dear one and I had renovated before and really enjoyed it - but of cause that was without the three little pinks.  So seven months ago with brave hearts and intrepid spirits we began. Since then walls have been removed and re-build, windows and door shifted and replaced, paint splashed around, kitchens   demolished and floor tiles removed.  It's been dirty, difficult and draining but we're slowly starting to see what we'll be left with. So let me introduce you to my place .....

When we moved in this area was actually two bedrooms and a dark hallway.  We've removed the walls and put in a large sliding glass doorway outside to the front entertaining area.  This is now mummy and daddy's lounge room.   (Note the massive gap in the carpet where the built in wardrobes used to be - just lovely!!)

This is my reclaimed Tasmania Oak Kitchen and even though she's not finished I love her muchly.  I love oldish wood stuff and am not a big fan of the new flatline white look.  It took us six months of searching to find her and even our builder could not believe how well she fit in.  The wood is heavy and solid and in fabulous condition.  Now, all I need is tiles, flooring and some ceiling and wall paint  and I'll be one happy mummabear.

Down the other end of the house we've converted  two living areas and a formal dinning area into three bedrooms and a rumpus room. Another slightly painful process of wall removal and building.  (no photos as the playroom currently looks like a bomb hit it - it is school holidays you know :)

And now, just so you can get a little taste of where we've come from, our as yet unrenovated main bathroom.  Isn't she a beauty?  There is smidgen of work to be done here (and in the second bathroom) - but I'm way to over renovating to even think about that at the moment.


  1. Firstly I love that you have a grown up lounge room (we do too - I love it.) and that you have the test match on the TV.

    And your bathroom - we have the same same same same exact vanity. I cannot wait to rip it out...

  2. We must both have early 80 houses!! The bathrooms were the very first thing I wanted to change - but alas they will be the last :(

  3. I have seen that bathroom in sooo many houses! You gotta love the person who decided those dark timber vanities were a good idea :-)


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