Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Staying hopeful

Hope in floods - thank you google images

Spent my few quiet minutes this morning (in the shower before the inevitable knock on the door "mummy?") thinking about all the sadness and distress around at present.  The QLD floods are reminding me way to much of the Victoria bush fires of two years ago.  I'm still haunted by pain and heartbreak of February 7th 2008.  I can't watch the fire protection adds without feeling the sadness and grief that overwhelmed me back then.  And now we're seeing lives changed forever again - just in a different way.  It strikes fear in my being to see the numbers of missing. I'm hoping that the television reports are hyping things up in their usual fashion and the actual numbers are much lower.  My aunties house has been flooded in country Queensland - but they are all well and safe.  I don't think three inches of water through their house will deter their Aussie farmer 'can do' spirit to much.

For me right now I'm trying to focus on staying hopeful. I know people have lost their lives, and this is unfathomably hard, but when I see all the people helping each other I smile.  Businesses giving away stock, facebook updates about family members who have gone out to help sandbag, and TV reports of neighbours working together to clean up.  Makes me proud to be an Aussie and  a human being.  Reminds me of those words Great Tragedy produces Great Triumphs.  And extending your hand to a fellow human being is, in my mind, a great triumph.

For those of you affected by the floods I extend my hand to you in friendship and compassion. I can only imagine how hard your life is right now.  My hope for you is that you can stay hopeful and triumph over this hardship - knowing that this to will be a memory soon.


  1. Oh wow, thinking of your auntie!! My God mother & her husband's business has water lapping the shed roof with 3m more to come. Scary stuff & helpless. Lots of people doing auctions to help with fundraising, check it out, love Posie

  2. Thanks Posie - yes some great stuff is happening :O)

  3. oh it's so scary - how must parents be feeling trying to get thier little ones to saftey. Like you say, great adversity oftens shows us what we're made of - our thoughts are with them all...

  4. Thanks for the your kind words Mummy Mania - so nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you and your three beautiful ones :O)


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