Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still losing weight without dieting - Blogger Butt Saturday!

Tiz Blogger Butt Saturday again.

This week I’ve been living in the light of my Blogger Butt Bazinga moments from my last post which you can read here if you want to. I have dieted off and on for about twenty five years now and lost serious weight four or five times but never managed to keep that weight off. In fact my weight has blossomed with age and especially the past seven years since I became mummy. (Comfort eating has gotten me through a lot of sleepless weeks and months - for which I guess I'm grateful.)  As I a said before each time I've lost weight I've ended up putting it all back on and adding some extra. (dieting just doesn't work for me.) 
I guess something deep inside me has never been able to  give up the pleasure and comfort I found in eating.

(Sorry can't resist the bottom humour)

Something has changed.

I’ve started to enjoy allowing my body to feel hungry and empty (for just a little while.)

I’ve started to choose healthy fresh foods without thinking about it.

I no longer feel guilty when I do choose to eat so called 'naughty' food

I’ve begun to trust my body that it will tell me when it’s ready to eat again.

I’ve joined the gym again and remember I love to move.
(My Wii fitting skills are becoming the stuff of legends!)

I’m feeling healthy and more energised than I have in about seven years.

I’ve lost more weight this week and it hasn’t even been hard! (About 3kg all up now)

It’s very early days and I realise this weight loss without effort might not get me down the entire 20 kg I want to lose – but I’m stoked (to be totally Aussie about it) about the mental and emotional changes that have taken place in my life in the past few weeks. 

So how has your week been? If you’re getting into shape in whatever way works for you consider joining in with Naomi and Michelle's Blogger Butt Challenge and sharing with us your progress.


  1. This is totally awesome!!!!! you are doing so great!!!!
    Love that you have joined the gym, that you are eating more healthy, that you are feeling the benefits of it and that you are changing!
    What an inspiration YOU are to ME!

    Keep up the great work and focus. So proud of you. Naomi x

  2. Caz - I am so happy for you! It sounds like you are really getting to know your body and listening to it too. You are going to do so well!
    Just remember to come back to this post and remind yourself of exactly how positive you feel at this moment whenever you face a setback :-)

  3. be Aussie about it..too...I love that you have had such a ripper week...celebrating with you!

  4. OMG- I am not worthy!
    You go girl- am so happy for you. I think there really is something in feeling hungry and empty- but only for a little while....

  5. YOU are a blogger butt superstar!!!! That is fantastic news, you have had such a focus change...

    You have just motivated me to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with it anyway I can xxx

  6. AWESOME! This is so inspiring and encouraging -- love it!!!

  7. that is brilliant! Well done you. I'm in that post-baby 'Oh my god, I've got a stone to loose' mode - and comfort eating my way through the sleepless nights has - like you say - gotten me through. But, I seem to have turned a corner, and fresh fruit is beckoning and I've ditched the afternoon bread binge and finally have lost a whole pound!! So I;m with ya! Keep up the good work... here's to fabulous bodies by summer!

  8. Well done, it seems your on a roll..

  9. It sounds like you are doing awesomely well - good on you! Now, would you mind sending a little bit of motivation my way? Pretty please? xx


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