Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taming the ferocious mummy monster & weekend Rewind.

Oh, I've just pulled what amounts to an all-nighter with a two-year old with a head cold and I'm feeling the pain  right now.  Oh sleep deprivation how I hate thee.  Will I be able to tame to ferocious mummy monster and pull my head in far enough to be a lovely caring  mother and wife this fine hot summers Sunday?   That my friends is the questions.  (I've already grumped at the littlest pink for not being able to find her thongs  - so it's not looking good). Wish me luck with that one.  (Mental note to self - check out own post on happiness when ferocious monster surfaces!).

Moving on from monster mummy I'm joining with Life in a pink fibro for some weekend rewind. There is a certain about of full-circleness about this post, as it's about my return to work for the first time post six years of pinky-dinky life in the motherhood.  And this week is in fact my last week at work.  I'll be returnign to my former SAHM status after Wednesday while I ponder what to do about my future for a while.  So check out this retro blast from 2010 The Working Mummy Returns.


  1. How I love to witness a full circle! Will look forward to seeing what you come up with for the future.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. Thank Ms Pink Fibro - you're a treasure :O)

  3. I must have missed something...the last quandary was going back to work and childcare...what changed your mind workwise? Don't answer if you think I'm just being nosey!

  4. Hey Carol, not sure. Either you're thining of someone else (I tend to get a little confused somedays with all the goings on around the blogosphere) or you've missed that this is a weekend rewind linked over at the Pink Fibro. The post about returning to work was written about ten months ago when I first went back to cover a maternity leave position for 6 months. Not sure - I'm in the very lucky position of not needing childcare :O) Hope that clears it up!


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