Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight I did something

Guess what I just did?   
For the first time in seven years I ventured out of my little abode, (letting the  daddy pink put his little pink people to bed) and went to the gym.  Totally amazing really!   Re-joining has been on my list of must do's for some time now and it genuinely feels good to have done it.   

I went to pretzel class (otherwise know as body balance) and twisted and stretched my body while standing on one leg. 

Nice I tell you. Really rather nice.   

And to top it all off now I get to sit here feeling smug and happy with myself. 


  1. That is very impressive. Well done.

  2. I am amazed at your courage Pretzel Lady! A new woman is emerging...or may be the pre kids's nice to feel brave again and do something just for yourself.

  3. The smug bit at the end is tops. Well done! xx

  4. Great work! I do yoga at least once a week. If I miss a class, my back lets me know...

  5. Thank you for your support ladies! Now I just need to keep it up :)

  6. I started back at gym too, as the kids are now back at school. I loved how it felt, had missed it. I did zumba, even though I am crap at it, and you can't help but laugh and have fun while you're doing it. Body balance and/or yoga next for me. Keep up the good work!

  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Well done - and I'm soooo glad you are so proud of yourself! That's what it is all about Caz - I don't think I can do a 'woop' loud enough for you!!


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