Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Truth About Blogger Butt Mummy

Tiz Saturday so once again I'm joining with Noami of Seven Cherubs and Michelle at Farmers wifey to blog about my Butt.  Classy Hey!

I'll tell you right now, from the get-go, I have little to no chance of winning this challenge.  In my mind I've actually changed the tittle to 'Lifestyle' butt - because that's what I'm really trying for -  which I think was the theme of my post last Saturday so moving right along.......

EXERCISE:  (or moving that butt!)
At least three times this week I've  told the girls it's mummy's turn to use the Wii and done my Wii Fit-ting. (Possibly may look to some like I am actually having a fit!)  It really must be a sight to see.  Despite telling them they don't need to watch mummy, the three pinks gather around me to cheer me on and 'help me' by leaning on my legs for balance while they copy the exercises.  We've actually got our entire family Mee'd and they do get very excited when they see their own or their granny's Mee beating mummy at something!! On top of that I've done a couple of walks and thought at least twice of joining up for the Body Balance sessions at the local gym I've been talking about.  So I'm actually pretty happy with my return to regular exercise.  It feels good so big red tick for me this week :O)

THE FOOD MOUTH CONNECTION: (or battle with the inner 2 year old)
Might need to start off with a big red cross here.  I've been reading up and being inspired by so many great weight loss blogs - but I'm not doing this part so well.  I read a comment on one such blog that said it's 30% exercise and 70% food intake. Well that might mean I'm failing.  I'd have to say I'm making better choices and being much more mindful when I eat - just eating too much.  (I'm mindfully aware that I really enjoy and look forward to eating and don't like to stop.)  I keep toying with the idea of joining the new WW plan or taking up Tony Ferguson but in the past restrictive dieting, while working initially, usually just ends up making my butt bigger in the long run. I really want to change my lifestyle and have a long-term result. So, I'll continue to be mindful, make good choices and try to eat smaller amounts.  This I think should become my new mantra.  I really need to work on those moments that arise ten times a day when your head is thinking "food, food would be good" (I can hear Homer Simpson 'dooonuuuuts'). I need to learn to say 'no - try something else first'.  At the moment I usually just give in to the sweet comfort of putting food in my mouth.  The need to be comforted is obviously just more important (in that moment) than shrinking my butt.

Righto - that's about enough talking about my butt for today.  Check in again next Saturday.


  1. You are so right, it's a lifestyle change for the better and if we need this kick in our blogger butts to get us started then great!!!

    I love how you had an audience cheering you on!!

  2. keep it up!! I too stepped on the Wii Fit for the first time in months today in an attempt to make my 'mumma butt' dissapear and return to the 'party butt' I used to sport lol hmm probably shouldn't have made that cheesecake tho..oops

  3. The Wi-Fit sounds like so much fun!!
    Do you have an email address - I've got some other links I'll put you on to
    email me at

  4. lol your post is great and fun to read. I agree Wi-Fit sounds fun. I have to dig a few exercise dvd's out i think i know they are here somewhere....

  5. reading this is very relavent - 4 months after baby was born I have a stone to loose and am finding it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to lay off the food and snacks. Loving the Wii idea... might try and persuade hubby to invest... looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  6. I wish you the best of luck with this! I need to lose a lot of weight also, and I love the Wii Fit! I really want to get one again

  7. Thanks so much for the support ladies :O) Cate I've sent you my gmail addy :)

  8. You have done so well with your exericse - well done and great effort!

    I love to spend time on the Wii too but it is so hard to get on it as when I turn it on I am surrounded by kids. Keep going - every little bit makes a difference.

    With the food - so with you on this one - you are not alone - we can overcome this together. Naomi x

  9. Great post, great job exercising -- got to try Wii fit, I've heard the Michael Jackson Dance thing for Wii is great, too!


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