Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tardy Blogger Butt

 I've been a little tardy with my blogger butting posting.  Life is V busy at the moment and I have struggled to keep up. Here it is in point form :O)
  • I did walk around our 6km lake on Wednesday. It was not a fast walk as the littlest pink kept wanting to hop out of the pram and collect sticks for the puppy dogs!
  • I did do a Zumba and Body Balance classes at the gym
  • I did extend my gym membership for another 3 months
  • I did intend to WII fit this weekend (still might happen it's only early Sunday afternoon :O)
  • Generally speaking I didn't eat very mindfully this week.  I sat down on several occasions and ate way more than my body really wanted simple because I was tired and needing something. I didn't listen to my hunger and just ate.   I choose not to get to disappointed about this.   It's actually taught me something. I made and ate chocolate hedgehog on Friday night.  While being rather yummy it really affected my Saturday.  I woke up feeling really physically tired and blah-ish.  I don't think that much sugar really works well for optimum mummy health and energy levels.
Generally I'm happy with the increase in my moving and will now get my butt back into gear with mindful eating.  How has your week been? Linking in with Michelle at Farmers Wifey and all my other Blogger Butt Buddies.


  1. yes I agree mmmmm chocolate!! But I think you're being a bit hard on yourself when you siad you didn't eat mindfully. Yes you ate more than you needed. And yes you felt blah on sat because of it. But would have even noticed before you started this that you had eaten so much? And would you have put two and two together about why you felt blah??
    I think you should pat yourself on the back for your progress and move on :-)
    have a good week

  2. Hi Amy :)

    Cate - is is always such a pleasure to have your comments - but today you have given me the little pep up I needed. Love it. Thank-you :O)

  3. A 6km walk well done.. sounds like you have done fantastic with the exercise, wish i could say the same this week ;)
    ohh yummo hedgehog slice.. i have to ban my house from all chocolate and cake, (basicly anything sweet) or i will eat it lol..
    Looking forward to next weeks post.

  4. The self-awareness you are learning is really inspiring, Caz. x

  5. Just had to say again how much I love your new look!!

  6. I think you're doing an amazing job. I am feeling so inspired by you!

  7. Bad week for me last week- that WILL change this week! I am totally with you on being conscious about food/exercise. That's been the biggest change for me, and the change that I think will last long term....

  8. I need to get on with both! You sound like you are having fun exercising. I want to try zumba! Keep it up!!

  9. My pants just got tighter with the mention of hedgehog the blog look !!


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