Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Following Habits

I have become a blog following addict.  Sad but true.   I have fallen in love with the game of following and being followed in the fabulously diverse landscape of the mummy blogger.

There you have it - I've admitted it!   

There are so many wonderful blogs around, written by such an extraordinary bunch of ordinary everyday people just like you and me.  I am in total awe at the collective amount of fabulous information, advice, expertise and ability there is on offer to anyone willing to search and read. And on top of that the fabulously supportive community the blog world seems to inspire. I've seen some tremendous things happen - especially over the past few months.  (Well done you and me for being part of it!).

Some Random blog following facts about  The Truth About Mummy:

  • I have about 100 blogs on my Blog Roll which I regularly try to keep up with and comment on.  (Check them out if you need some new ones yourself - I'll share!
  • I love to read the comments others make on blog posts I follow  and will often divert off to see someone else's blog if they leave a good/interesting comment.
  • I get very excited when I get a new follower myself (usually do a little happy dance!).  I will always try to follow them back but get very frustrated when I can't find their blog link on their profile page.
  • I currently have 135 lovely followers but would love to have 200. I have no idea why - it just makes me feel good :O)
  • I am currently following over 500 blogs in google reader. Is this normal I ask?  I would love to know how many other people are following - just to make me feel a little more  on the normal side.
  • One of the many great things about following blogs are the giveaways.  I love a giveaway (even if I don't win) and can't resist signing up for them.
The lovely Lucy of Keeping Up With Lucy  has come up with a great solution to the problem of not being able to follow people from their profile page. Please check out Blog Love  , if you haven't already, and share some more blog loving around!  It's a wonderful way of finding even more great blogs ....... yup - just what I need!

Are  you a blog following addict?  Do you have some crazy blog following habits?  Share some with me .... it will make the 500 odd blogs I stalk very happy.


  1. I can relate.... My reader is up to 271 now. That number may seem low to you, but it is rising steadily.

  2. Oh so glad I'm not alone Tat :O) Thanks for dropping by .

  3. Gorgeous photograph! I love reading other blogs and oh my, I could wittle away hours doing it. =)

  4. Yes 1000 homes - I can sure waste a heap of time on here too!! Thanks for popping by.

  5. Mmmm...I have been wondering how many exactly can a person follow? I like to follow everyone {almost} who follows me and it is frustrating when they don't have a link..and I also feel rude..bad manners...when I don't too..unless they make it clear they don't want to be known.

  6. I think I follow about that many in google reader - but not a lot have made it to my blog roll, I don't have the energy to update it enough.

  7. I admit I cannot follow everyone all the time...but I do try and catch up with most at some stage or another...I think it is the thrill...of increasing you web on line and meeting new people is amazing who you come across...and what friendship one can make..

  8. I can totally relate. Each time I get a new follower I alway check them out :) And I always take a moment to follow, read and comment, when someone has done the same for me :)

    I like your style Caz ;)

  9. The blogs I follow are steadily rising in number. I love finding new blogs, there are so many talented, inspiring people out there! I do like to take the time to read and comment on posts, I know how much I love comments and want to share the love. I've been a little slack lately though with the reduced time after going back to work, but working on it!

  10. once upon a time I had 100 blogs on my blog roll, but I've done away with a sidebar blog roll, and significantly reduced the number (I think it's currently around 50) that I recommend reading

    as for my reader - I had over 400 until recently, when I deleted about 60-70 just by deleting inactive blogs (click on trends, then down the bottom right click inactive blogs and delete away!) I've got the blogs split into folders like "random" "AMB" etc, and hit mark as read when I don't feel like reading them.


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