Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blogger Butt Boogie

Back again for some more butt blogging. 
This might be my week to need that 'free pass' that has been floating around the blogger butt challenge.  Thankfully I'm not at all stressed about this and don't even feel guilty - even though my trusty Wii Fitting Machine tells me I've gained 100g.  (pffft 100gs - nothing much to worry about there Mr Wii :)  I have had a big and emotional week and did fall back into my old pattern of comfort eating.  That's okay -it was a big week and I refuse to get to cross at myself about it.
Today I'm going to list a few good and bad decisions I've made over the past week. Bit of a confessional to keep me honest.

  1. I did return to the gym for my second body balance session.
  2. I did go for a jog/walk around our 4 km block (i did stop 8 times too!!)
  3. I did continue to do my Wii Fitting - even though I really didn't want to one day.
  4. I didn't allow myself not to feel guilty about eating to much.
  1. I did comfort eat at night after the girls were tucked up in bed -  several times.
  2. I didn't allow myself to get intentionally hungry very often.
  3. I did eat chocolate with my lovely friend Corrie from Seven Years On when she visited.

So that's what I've been up to.  A tiring and emotional week leads to some un-intentional eating which leads to no weight loss and a little weight gain. Interesting though. Tired eating seems to be a real key with me (which would fit with the weight gain while sleep deprived thingy). I wonder how I could change that and put something better in place for myself rather than comfort eating to sooth tiredness?

Once again thanks to Naomi from the fabulous Seven Cherubs and Michelle the inspirational Farmers Wifey for Blogger Butt Challenge.  Pop over and link in your own fitness fess ups ;)


  1. I think you've done extremely well considering your week!!!! The only thing on your 'bad' list (and we can talk about *that* word another time!) is the comfort eating - and you've already noticed it. So great question - 'how could I change that?' Here's some suggestions that work well for me. I shower at night (and then quite often go straight to bed). Do my blog. Have a cup of tea/coffee. Eat an apple (sometimes it's the chewing that we actually crave).
    But these things will only be helpful if you have actually fulfilled your nutritionaly requirements for the day - I would hate you to be depriving yourself!!
    I hope things settle down emotionally for you this week :-)

  2. The "tired so I eat crap" thing is one of my biggest problems too.

    Diminishing Lucy: Why do I eat crap when I am knackered?

  3. Such wise words from Cate and Lucy :O) Thanks ladies - your support is fabulous and muchly appreciated. Checked out the link Lucy and it does make sense - which helps me plan better and try to think of better ways to look after myself.

  4. I think you have had a great week too..I love the "good" you stated and the "bad" well meh! Keep up the good work...YOU are inspiring me xoxo

  5. "Blogger Butt Boogie" love it.. :)

    We all have some "bads", focus more on the goods, (they make you happy!) ;)

    Your doing great..
    Looking forward to reading your next weeks post.

  6. Good on you Caz.
    I'm in the process of trying to lose 5 kilos myself. I'm down 2.1 and it's taking a lot longer than I would like. At the same time, as I tell myself, I'm not prepared to miss out on special times with special friends and family and all the wonderful food opportunities that go hand in hand. So if it takes a bit longer than I'd hoped, so be it.
    100 grams ... PFFFT, couldn't have said it better myself.

  7. hi caz, i juped on the blogger butt thingy, thought i may aswell get as much insiration as possible, now what do i have to do lol


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