Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Butt Blogger Blogs again

 I honesty don't have much to report this week.  I have simply been trying to eat mindfully (which is working most of the time) and been attempting to move my butt more. Simple.

I did have a small light bulb moment.  Did you know I love to put food in my mouth when I'm tired? (Yup - I'm totally amazed too:).  The lovely Cate from Keep Cate Busy clued me into that fact that this is probably pretty normal.  That is, to crave what sustains you when you're feeling at your lowest.  Interesting hey.  For me it's at night after the kids are in bed. I love to sit down and eat something yummy - it's kind of like looking after myself after spending all day looking after others.   If I'm not overly tired I can reason my way past that feeling, but if I've had a few sleepless nights then my willpower turns to mush.  So, I as don't seem to be able to avoid the sleepless nights at the moment (to many little pink people in my house for that) I've decided to be healthier about what I choose to put in my mouth.  I've been having skim milk, light yoghurt and fruit milkshakes. It's still rather delicious and comforting - but not so bad for my butt!  At this stage in my life I don't think I can do without that little bit of comfort eating, so for now I'm keeping it and just making some adjustments.
Looks nothing like this - but you get the picture.
I have been pretty good at moving my butt this week.  I've walked the beautiful Lake Wendouree (6kms) with one of my besties.  I've attended Body Balance and found this can be a great aerobic workout as well as great for the core! And I've continued with my WII Fitting.  I can now run  the Island lap with without too much stress.  I know it's not the same as actual 'shoe hitting the road' running - but  just allow me this moment of self pride anyways!  This week my goals is to add a Zumba class to the mix - wish me luck!

I haven't weighed myself this week.  Mostly because the kids have an elaborate game of mums and dads set up all over the playroom and have requested that I don't use the WII until later ..... much later!  But my clothes are telling me they're happier and that is good enough for me.  I'm not much for scales these days .... I just don't think they're the best way to measure achievement.

Well there you go, for a girl who said there was not much to say I seem to have said a bit!  Hope everyone else has had a positive week and is feeling fit and healthy. Oh, one thing.  What will happen to Blogger Butts post Conference?  I'm loving the support and sharing and would love it to continue is some form. Any thoughts out there?


  1. Couldn't agree with you more about eating when tired ( which is 99% of the time isn't it?. Congrats on making your clothes happier and for trying new butt moving explorations!

  2. I would love it if you continued this post conference. I'm not going to ABC, and I need a few more weeks to get my life in order somewhat before I join in, so if this kept going, I'd be in:)

  3. You're soing an amazing job - so inspiring! I agree that scales aren't that great in measuring achievement - have you measured yourself? I found that was always a great little pick me up, to see the difference in measurements.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. And that word is doing... hehe

  5. well done you. I too have my little 'treat' when the kids are down. And again, with lots of sleepless nights at the moment, I'm much more inclined to indulge myself. With me it;s two squares of dark chocolate with a cup of decaff earl grey tea (to be exact about it!!). after 13 houts of constant baby and childcre i feel I deserve it! to pay off though I insist on walking to school every day, even in hte rain and at one point I end up pushing three in the pram, - that's got to be good for the butt?

  6. Thanks lovely ladies - your support is very much appreciated :)

  7. Well done. Half the battle is admitting the sore points. Then you know what to do with them! I think Cate's article was spot on!

  8. Well done - you sound like your incorporating a lot of exercise into your daily life (which is the key!!)
    And your clothes are a much better measure than some stupid number on a scale anyway!!

    have a great week

  9. Good luck with Zumba! :)
    Sounds like you had a fantastic week.

    i have added a linky on my blog if anyone would like to link up..

  10. Love this Caz! you are making some great changes here and I love that you are being more mindful. About what to do post conference - do you want to take over the Blogger Butt Challenge on your blog? I will see if Michelle wants to continue and if not you can have it if you want. Naomi x


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