Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grateful for tiles and breathing space for my soul

Joining with Maxabella over at Maxabella Loves to share the top three of my grateful list with you.  
This week I am grateful for:
  • My beautiful new kitchen tiles.  Some patience has been required waiting for them to arrive at house renovation central ... but yesterday they did.  The tiler arrived amidst a long and hugely important telephone call, without prior warning, to a kitchen that had not been cleared.  Bless him though, he helped me shift the contents of my kitchen benches (including the remains of breakfasts *insert embarrassed blush here*) onto the table.   And now I have my long awaited tiles - for which I'm very thankful.

  • Visits from friends.  Today my lovely friend Corrie from Seven Years On is taking the 2 hours plus drive up to Ballarat to visit.  She has four fabulously energetic young boys and watching them interact with my three little pink people is hilarious and 100 percent energy packed fun.  For friends taking the time to visit I am grateful.

  • For a little breathing space for my soul.  My blog has been quiet the past few days. If you've read my last couple of tiny posts you'll know I'm in 'take a step back' mode, allowing life to wash over me, replenish and refresh me before making some decisions about the future.  I call this allowing myself breathing space for my soul.  How wonderful to be living in a land, and in a way, where I can take this time for me.  For this I am extremely grateful!


  1. "breathing space for my soul" is a gorgeous concept. xx

  2. I've been a bit quieter in blog land lately too, Caz. It's been helpful in many ways.

    Your tiles look so shiny and perfect! Yay!

    Enjoy the visit. What a lovely friend. x

  3. I still catch myself passing my fingers across my shiny new bathroom tiles so I get this. And likewise, I've stepped back a bit from my blog as well. It's good to do that sometimes.

  4. Oh but can you keep that grout looking so perfect and white and shiny?? Oh I do love new!!

    And congrats on your status change to SAHM. I know I've just up'd my hours, but I was ready for that change. And you're ready for yours (are you...are you sure??). Kidding. It's such a lovely thing to do when they are still so small :-)

  5. Thank you beautiful ladies :O) Such lovely comments and Cate I do hope I can keep my new grout clean!! Any advice on that one??

  6. Caz, it sounds like you're listen to your heart & mind, good on you!! Oh how much fun to be with lovely Corrie & her boys, she's such a great young mum, love it!! Feeling your calm, love Posie

  7. I remember when we got our new tiles and watching James painstakingly put them up.
    I love your concept of breathing space for your soul. I feel like I might need something like that...

  8. Good on you! I am thinking that I can't keep up posting everyday (minus Sundays) at some point I will slow down too and only post when I have something made or to say. I've had cushions to show lately but after that it will be different...another season!

  9. When I saw your photo, I thought you'd be grateful for pears... Well, kitchen tiles are great, too, especially your new ones.

  10. Oh how spesh do I feel - I got a mention!! LOL
    Love ya Caz - thanks so much for having us all over today - I cant believe how well the kids all played and we were ctually able to have "adult" conversation which then turned into conversations about poo!! oh well!!

    i loved the new tiles! and glad that you were in one of those moods today where you wer very relaxed.

  11. Lol Tat - I do love pears and might learn to be much more grateful for them now banana's are getting so expensive. Thanks for stopping by :O)

  12. It was so great to see you Coz. If you can't talk to your friends about Poo then who can you :O) The kids did play so well today - it was a lovely visit. So nice that I new you didn't care that my brain was in slow down mode. Love it!!

  13. I'm happy for you that you have found much to be grateful for. That's my wish for everyone, to be able to see the good in their lives

  14. lovely tiles and hooray for the new!

    Some quiet is always good for the soul. xoxox


  15. Your new tiles look lovely! And thanks for making me feel better that I'm not the only one who may have 'breakfast remains' hanging around a little too long.

    Oh and a BIG congats on becoming a SAHM again too :)


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