Sunday, February 13, 2011


"Happiness a Journey Not a Destination.
 Enjoy Your Commute"


  1. I was going to agree...then I's about both..the journey and the destination. No point in a journey without a destination! On the other hand it would be pretty miserable to have a destination and hate the whole journey..every journey has it's challenges and it's delights.

  2. I'll remember that tomorrow when I'm pushing three in a pram in the rain to school - although it is good for the thighs so maybe you're right!

  3. I guess there is some good wisdom in that Carol -you have to aim for something - otherwise there would be no journey to enjoy :)

    MM - 3 in the pram sounds like it will be good for your arms as well as your thighs!! Hope the rain stops over there and you get some winter sunshine for your walk!!


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