Monday, February 14, 2011

The ITG & 31DBBB

Over the weekend I tried, and mostly failed, to find my 'Inner Teckno Geek' (ITG).  I was so sure she was there somewhere, deep down under the layers of mushy mummy brain, just waiting to be re-activated. But alas no.  Do you think maybe she has just gone on a long-term overseas holiday and forgotten to tell me? I don't know - but I'm just going to have to get on with my life without her.

Anyhoo without the  ITG  I have somehow managed to set myself up a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter account.  (Follow the links up to the right if your own ITG would like to check I've done  it right!) What really struck me was the amount of time it took.  All the time saving technology is sure a time waster!  But it's all for a good cause  - so here ends my moaning on the subject.   Putting on my 'happy face' right about now!

Tomorrow I'm starting the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog  course (written by Darren Rowse) which is being run over at the Aussie Mummy Bloggers page by Louisa of Everything is Edible.  Doing this evidently works better with Twitter and a FBFP (facebook fan page) - which is what led me to looking for my ITG in the first place.   This is going to be interesting. I've had a bit of a look through the E-Book and am a little excited.  A little nervous too.  I already have a few blogging commitments waiting patiently on my desk for me to follow up on. I've got a couple of reviews pending - one of which is for a super creative new mummy business started by some lovely ladies up on the Gold Cost.  They do beautiful work and thrilled to be able to offer them some promotional support.  And as always the three little pink people in my life come first. Balance. Balance. Balance.   Always seeking it and often falling over while trying to find it!

Writing The Truth About Mummy has become a unexpectedly fun filled and interesting journey. I start out blogging because I felt a little lost in my mummy role and needed an outlet to 'Just be Me'.  And here I am still being ME so it must be working.  Over the next 31 days I'm hoping to learn a bit more about how to write and use a blog more effectively.  It's another little journey I'm embarking on.  And with this blog it's very much the journey that is important rather than the final product - as I doubt there will ever be a final product.   This little blog post HERE sums it up pretty well.   And by the way, if you do happen to see my ITG hanging out on some beach somewhere could you send her home.  I could really use her help!
Thanks Google Images for the picture. Maybe my ITG has taken off with him?


  1. I think maybe your ITG has run away with mine. In a non-lesbian way - probably.
    I am mostly scared about embarking on this 31DBBB... what if I fail? Still, I am looking forward to it a bit!

  2. Yeah - I'm right with you Becky. But I have decided there is no fail in my books for this one. Come what may I'm just going to enjoy the ride :)

  3. Good call. Okay, I am going to join you on that. No fail, just enjoyment.


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