Thursday, February 10, 2011

A jog around the blogs

Today, we here at the Truth About Mummy have been taking a little journey around the bloggosphere, and well done to you out there, the bloggosphere is just a fab place to be.  First we stopped of that Diminishing Lucy to print out the recipe for some yummy Manky Narnie muffins for the school and kinder lunch boxes.  They turned out just like the lovely lady said they would. Now I just have to work out the best way to freeze them and I have the necessary seven lunch time snacks for the lunch box for next week (5 x school and 2 x kinder)

Then I stopped over at Sleepless nights  and  Everything is Edible  for my regular dose of thinking material about  motherhood and life.  Sleepless Nights is actually talking about mummy bloggers today and is the inspiration for this post.  The mummy blogger scene really is a big old fashioned Mothers Group.  We used to meet in halls and houses and swap recipes and stories over bad International Roast Coffee  - but now we meet here.  I guess there is good and bad in that. The ideas, the support, the information swapping is all fabulous on such a wide scale. But it can't really compete, totally, with a face to face confab with a good friend who can see your tears and your laughter and knows your kids personally.  Or do you think differently?

Next on my little journey was the fabulous Frills in the Hills (note to self stop saying fabulous SO much).  Here I was stunned to see I had actually won her recent Pilot giveaway for making a comment regarding tips for when the kids returned to school.  I think it went something like this "fill out all school notes/forms as soon as they come home and put them straight back in their school bags.  That way you'll know you've completed them and can't forget! They sure come thick and fast".  Thank you Ms Frills.  Thank you Pilot.  I am a self confessed stationery addict.  I am to Office Works what paper is to glue!  I have a secret stash in a draw on my desk that NOBODY is allowed to touch. Oh happy dance - I can add to it now :O)

And finally, to round out my bloggy day, I checked my real world mail box on returning home from the walk to pick up the Big Pink from the school bus.  There, thanks to the super fabulous (I know - but when the word fits) Brenda of Mummy Time ,  the Aussie Mummy Bloggers Website and Porter Novelli I  found I have a Movie to Review.  So now I can put the kids to bed, put my feet up and put on the DVD player- YAY. (Okay - that will be after my trip to the gym for my third Body Balance session and after fighting to get the Dear One to miss a night of TOP GEAR repeats). 

Thanks Bloggyworld - it's been a great day.


  1. Little trips around the blogoshphere are rather lovely. It's like popping in for a cuppa when you need a break. Nice to pop in here - I found you from Ah ... The Possibilities

  2. For me, because I have some pretty major social anxiety, blogging is easier for me. I don't talk about myself much IRL and I'm a really an understatement kind of person (if I tell someone IRL that 'it hurts a bit' you can guarantee I am contemplating amputation) so my blog is where I actually talk about things and explore issues that are bothering me.

    That said, I adored the mothers group I had when I was living in the city, I lucked out totally and they were amazing women whom I miss.

    So for me, blogging has upsides and downsides - I'm more honest in this space for one.

    Glad you enjoyed my post :-)

  3. Thanks for dropping by Annie, lovely to see you here.

    Veronica, thanks for your input. Funny hey, because you have such wonderful things to say. I love your blog posts and I'm sure people would feel the same IRL - but I totally understand whay you'r saying. I love both too. Have wonderful friends IRL but there is also something special about my mummy blogger buddies. You're such a great bunch - and like you, I think we get the best of people here - because people feel more confident to be themselves.

  4. Great post - I only know two of these bloggers, so I'll be sure to go for a wander later and have a squizz :-)

  5. This is a lovely post - spreading the blog love. My only regret about discovering the mummy blogging scene is that I didn't find it earlier :)

  6. Awww. Thanks for the mention, Caz.xx

    And yup, Aussie Mummy Bloggers rock hard!

  7. Lovely! I love a good blog tour, thank you :)

  8. Dropped in from the FYBF hop, because your title hooked me in!
    I love blog hopping, seeing what people think and how they're coping with life and its' quirks -- and I get to drink my own good coffee! :)
    Your blog looks BEAUTIFUL, well done. Now I'm going to snoop amongst your archives.

  9. I do my baking on the weekends for the kids lunchboxes and Lucy's recipe is on my list. Nice to see where your reading took you.

  10. That tip is briliant!!!
    Thanks you. I am not joking when I say it will take quite a bit of the stress out of my life at the moment. A deserved win I say.

  11. Those muffins look really good! I find individually wrapping them in plastic wrap and then freezing a good way to go! As for the DVD,did you also get, "You Again"?? I liked it! I look forward to seeing your review! One more thing, are the body balance classes good? I've not done one yet, I stick to Zumba but have wanted to do one and also try Body Jam! Anyway, love you blog:)

  12. Thanks for all of those fabulous comments :) FoodMuster - Thanks for freezing tips. Yes same DVD but I haven't had time to watch it yet - too much Top Gear!!! And yes Body Balance is good. If you get the right instructor it's a good work out and great for those core muscles. Funny - I'm wanting to try out Zumba!!

  13. You are adorable, thank you for the mention - did you get my comment re wrapping the muffins to pop in the lunch box/freezer? I do wrap them, yes, in foil or gladwrap, for both lunchboxes & freezer. xx


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