Thursday, February 3, 2011

The SAHM returns ......

Now I have finished work. 
Today I am a SAHM full-time again.
It's been a tiring week so far - emotionally and physically and I feel like I need to step back and let my mind settle and unwind for a while. 
I don't want to think or plan or prepare, but just be me as I am for a day or two.
School start back tomorrow for the biggest pink and kinder on Monday for the middle pink.  The rhythm of family life begins again.
I am a SAHM full-time again.
(For a while anyway:)


  1. You sound a little disappointed? Hope all is OK. Just be, for a little while? xx

  2. Hmmmmmm .... not sur Lucy. I'll sure miss the people I worked with but the work was really emotional at times. I work with families with kids with disabilities ... it can be tough. Just a bit blahhh after the handover process to the new worker. I'll be right thou :) new things - I love new things!!

  3. I work part time. I can honestly say that going to work for a day is often easier that staying home...

    I think your idea of stepping back and getting used to things is a good one.
    I am a big believer in just going with life's ebbs and flows sometimes.

  4. You need a week or two to dream of your new life! A vision for your own life will give you purpose and direction then for the next stage. All the best!

  5. It's a bit of a transition isn't it? Take your time with it all and let the new life evolve a bit. You'll be ok x


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