Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About insomnia

Years of child induced sleep deprivation have left me with insomnia.   To prove my point I am writing this post at 4.00am in the morning - having been awake and reading in bed since 1.30am.  
This is a bad night - usually I wake up around 3.00am and just get up and start my day then. 

All of this is not good - my family has to put up with me in my grumpy easily annoyed sleep deprived state (sorry in advance family).    And I can't even blame the children as they have all been sleeping beautifully for the past few weeks.    Luckily this doesn't happen every night.  The insomnia gremlin generally hops into bed with me 2-3 nights a month.  Looking on the bright side it's a great time for folding washing, reading and writing blog posts - at least there are no interruptions. 

What do you do when you can't sleep?  Any sure fire insomnia remedies to share with me - or like me do you just give in and get up?
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  1. I read blog posts & hang out on twitter. I've never been a good sleeper, you'd think i'd be used to it by now or at least have some tips for you, but alas, no.

  2. ditto what glowless said!!
    But meerkat's gone back to sleep I'm at least going to crawl back into bed for another hour...see you in the [real] morning

  3. I was only flicking through an old recipe book of mine yesterday and found tips on how to beat insomnia... no idea what they are doing there! Valerian tea (never heard of it); 'legs up the wall' yoga pose; 20 minutes of exercise every other afternoon; milk and peanuts help the brain release serotonin which helps you relax so try eating either of those before bed; & celery and lettuce are supposed to help too! So there you go... maybe a bowl of cereal, some celery and a spoon of peanut butter will help next time you're up at 1.30am! Georgie x

  4. Oh Caz, that's awful! I struggled with insomnia before becoming a Mama and I get chills when I think about the long, wakeful nights :| I hope the problem is fixed soon and you get some much deserved rest x

  5. oh dear, I too read blog posts...sleep deprivation is so much worse when there is no reason for it and everyone else is still asleep. The nights when three little ladies sleep through are few and far between so when you wake on these nights it is very frustrating.

    Nanna nap today perhaps?......x

  6. Oh no! I tend to suffer insomnia when I am pregnant, sick or stressed. I don't get up. I lay there and get cranky, instead.
    On my currently low sleep I read your sentence: 'reading and writing blog posts', looked at the word blog and was like, 'What's that word?' ARGH!
    I hope you can find a remedy and when you do, share it, please?

  7. Thanks for the lovely thoughts, comments and advice. Went for a 6km walk this morning - and that has made me feel a lot better! Heres to sleep tonight :O)

  8. I too have insomnia or a habit of not sleeping through. Most often I can't really be bothered getting up so just lie there and let my mind wander or toss and turn till the sun comes up.

  9. I suffer from some degree of insomnia about 50% of the time which leaves me very tired most of the time. It wreaks havoc with my mood and energy levels.
    I had bad PND with my first born and 4 years of sleeping about 4 hours each night. Now after 2nd born, it has improved; some nights sleep beautifully and some lightly. But am glad of the improvement. Plus, I can now be a champion Nanna napper now (which is my secret indulgence - love it).
    Insomnia SUCKS!!


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