Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And the winner is ....

Thank-you to everyone who entered the Mummy Moments $30 gift card giveaway - all 32 of you.  (The most comments I've ever had on a blog post!!)   The random number generator did its thing for me this morning and the the lovely Katie of  Little Victories  came out on top with comment number three:

"What a generous idea! What gets me through the harder days in mummyhood : the cute things my kids say and do. No matter how much I might struggle through the day and feel like nothing I say is sinking in, there is always SOMETHING that one of them says or does that makes me smile and remember that everyday is worth it :) "

Having just popped on over to Little Victories I see that Katie's last posts was a week ago and it was about packing her hospital bag for the impending birth of her 3rd little person!!  Katie may have her arms full right now with a bundle of baby deliciousness.  Congratulations Katie.  I'll look forward to hearing about how you spoil yourself ..... when you have some spare time!



  1. Congrats Katie! Lucky thing. Think the Random Number Generator may have chosen well, Caz. Mums with new bubs always need to be spoilt!! :)

  2. Oh wow, thanks Caz! And thanks Kellie :) I am so thrilled to have won!! Spending my voucher is going to be so much fun ... already dreaming of the possibilities. I'll let you know how I go, thanks for your generosity! x


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