Friday, March 11, 2011

Are you an emotional woman?

Being an emotional female is both a blessing and a curse.  Riding the highs and lows of emotion is exhilarating but exhausting work.  Right now my emotional self is feeling a tad on the low side.   It's not because the Dear One has headed off for his 40th birthday road trip with the aptly names 'Mild Hogs'.  (A group of eight grown up men road tripping around Victoria on their BMW motorbikes in the style of the Wild Hogs - let's hope they don't meet up with the Banditos!). And it's not because I'm unhappy with my life or my family. In fact I'm glaringly aware of how lucky I am to have what I have. But still I can't shake this slight emotional dip which has seemingly infected me over the past few days.   As any other emotional female will agree - it goes beyond logic.

Emotions seem to exist in a little realm of their own somewhere between your spirit and your body.  I certainly wouldn't call them a spiritual thing but they sure aren't a logical part of the body either.  They can be delightful.  That tug you feel inside yourself when you see a newborn baby,  tears of amazement and love well up in your eyes before you even have time to register the thought pattern in your brain.   Pure blissful joy.  But I should warn you I am one of  'those' women who cries at TV commercials and has to choose not to watch some movies because I know I'll be left emotionally shattered by the sad ending.  (I'm aware I sound a little pathetic - blame it on the emotions).  But then on days like today being emotionally sensitive can be a burden that I think I could live without.  It seems to weigh me down and stop me loving life - like I know I should be.

Would I be wrong in thinking that with each pregnancy and birth I've gone through my emotional side has become stronger?  Maybe it has something to do with that link between mother and child?   I'm still in awe at how my boobies would seem to know when my babies needing feeding.   I'd get that zingy feeling and whamo 'let down'.  I'm sure it happened when my little baby pinks were thinking about their next meal.   Even now I'll wake up in the middle of the night and just know I'm needed.  I'll be wide awake immediately and sure enough within minutes one of them will cry out 'Muuuuuummy' - and need the sicky bowl.  You just can't logically explain that type of thing.

I wonder if this emotional dip is trying to tell me something? (Yep - I do like to try to find meaning in these things.) If it is, I'm not hearing it yet, so it might need to shout a little louder in order to drag my attention in the right direction.   Are you an emotional woman?  What purpose do you think our emotions serve in our lives - especially as mummies?  I'd be really interested to know what other people think.   They're blissful and weighty - but so much more too.


  1. Must be something in the cosmos because I too have experienced a dip this week. I'm like you - when it comes to my emotions I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think us emotional people are actually brave because we're honest and open with our feelings. In answering your question, why do we have emotions? I'm not sure. But I do know my life would be boring without the highs, the lows and the never ending dramas!

  2. An interesting post, Caz. I like to ponder these things from time to time as well but generally, if things are getting a bit much to handle, it's will due to fatigue. A good chillout or a cracking night's sleep and voila, all is well in the world again! Georgie x

  3. Other than the hubby riding his motorbike, it's as if you've posted about my week.

    Before kids, I think I was always emotional, but would have other things to take my mind off of it (ie work, friends, going out, shopping etc etc...)

    Being a SAHM now, I guess I have less "me" time to discover, explore, enjoy and more time to brood.

    How awful does this sound??

  4. I'm conscious that sleep deprivation makes me more emotional. Also, being at home, without work to keep my brains active, maybe I think about things a little more. Maybe too much. It's hard to know.
    No wonder men struggle to understand us!! LOL! :)
    What I do know is that sometimes I need to watch that really sad movie to get it all out of my system!

  5. One of the things I love about being pregnant is that I get filled with all those hormones that make you so much more emotional - and as someone who doesn't cry often (I have a big heart, I'm just quite 'practical' too), I really enjoy the release that I get emotionally when these preggie hormones are kicking around my body.

  6. Your person is made up of three different parts..your spirit, soul and body. The spirit realm is your relationship with God. Your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions. The body bit is self explanatory.

  7. Zingy feeling! I remember that :) Little bit of trivia: right at this moment, you and I have the same amount of followers! lol.

    If what you are describing is what you are calling an 'emotional woman', then yes, I am one. I tend to look on it as being sensitive. You are obviously sensitive as well. Is this a bad thing? I used to see it as such, but it is actually a great gift and I would prefer to be this way than hardened to the world's collective emotionality. There are ways to practice buffering it, though, so you don't feel *quite* so keenly. Healthy detachment is always a good thing!

    I love that you wake moments before you hear the call-out. That is a good mummy. You're very in-tune, you ought to be proud of your 'emotional' side! It is a keen survival and nurture instinct xox Love to you.

  8. I think we are emotional to balance things out, the yin to the male yang. Guys are generally not as emotional as we are so we are there to even things up a bit. Not to understate the value of a great and loving dad, I think that mums bring something different to the table with our emotional soft side.

    I like Kellie's idea of watching a really sad movie just to get it out of our systems for a while.

  9. AH yes I've been riding some kind of crazy emotional wave lately... I have the grumps and just can't seem to shake them no matter what I do.

    I am sure there is a reason for it... even if the things I'm coming up with don't quite feel like the right thing. At the very least our emotions make us think... and that can't be all bad can it?

  10. I am definitely emotional. And if I'm tired, watch out, as the emotions will run rampant!
    I think isolation lets emotions get a stronger foothold, and it seems most mums feel some level of isolation.
    As for what purpose they serve, I don't really know. Except perhaps helping to act as reminders of how special, and just plain 'good' life can be at times.
    PS Pleased to be your 197th follower! Not far for you to go now!

  11. I am definitely someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and always have done but find that my emotions are heightened when I am lacking in sleep or when I allow things to get on top of me...I have also found that motherhood has made me more of an emotional person...not entirely sure why but I wouldn't change the way I am as I have learnt alot about myself through my emotions :)

    ps...newest follower :)

  12. My emotional side gets the better of me when I'm tired - when I've been neglecting myself and letting things pile up too much.
    Maybe you just need a moment to slow down - to give yourself permission to have an early night regardless of the dishes and the washing.
    Everything looks better in the morning :-)

    And I see you're on 198! only two more! I've follow you again if I thought blogger would let me :-) xxx

  13. I'm not normally an emotional woman, but during each pregnancy I did become more emotional and that has stayed with me to an extend since having kids. This week has been a 'dip' week for me as well - I've attributed that to work being sucky and the start of toilet training with my son (very challenging!), but perhaps it was something in the cosmos if others have experienced a similar emotional dip this week too?

  14. I have become more emotional with every pregnancy and birth, also.
    When I am tired or stressed it can easily get the better of me and overwhelm me. Lately, I've been up and down and all over the place without much warning.

  15. I'm Miss Emotional. I suppose over-empathetic would be a better word for it. I haven't yet mastered the ability to turn off when things don't involve me, and as a result will be drawn in to the emotions of other people. Whilst it does make me a very good listener and people feel really comfortable sharing their deepest darkest secrets with me, I end up exhausted as if the worries truly were my own.
    But on the other hand there are those glorious moments when you 'feel' you baby's or partner's needs before anything is said.
    I really enjoyed reading this, Caz.

  16. I'm an emotional wreck at the moment and sometimes i think the girls suffer as a result. but, without emotion we find it hard to express our love and affection for them. Unfortunately - they have to get the bad with the good! so emotional wrecks rule!

  17. Ohh yes, completely emotional! That's why they call me Mummy From The Heart...

    Popped over to visit you from reasons to be cheerful and have followed.

    Mich x

  18. Caz, I am exceedingly emotional, although at times my stubbornness and pride won't allow me to 'let it all out', so my emotion just comes across as me being broody. I tend to agree though that the waterworks turn on alot easier since becoming a Mama. I too cry at TV commercials, the news, current affairs type shows and don't even get me started on movies & TV shows.
    The 'Mild Hogs' thing is classic, big boys and their toys ;o)

  19. beautifully written Caz, I too tend to be more emotional if I let things get on top of me and are lacking in sleep. I think as women we are so very good at looking after everyone else we find that sometimes we forget about our own wellbeing. I hope you find a few restful days and the sun starts to shine again.....x

  20. I am ruled by my emotions, always have being that way.
    As you become a parent that gets cranked up as you start appreciating the fragility of life and then when you face grief, gets cranked up that bit more and tiredness does not help at all but comes with being an interesting woman.
    I would prefer to know and emotional woman than an unemotional one.
    I came via Reasons to be Cheerful and mine appear over at where I also celebrate women in a blog hop

  21. I've been known to SOB (actually sob) at Telstra ads. I know some points in my cycle make me worse but even at the best of times I'm just a sook.
    It's better than being cold and heartless ....
    I think.

  22. I hear you Caz!!! I'm not sure whether I want to burst into tears or stab someone at the moment at the moment. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like were I emotionless.....

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