Friday, March 4, 2011

Five important sleep deprivation facts - written by an expert.

The following list has been developed for you by an expert in the field of sleep deprivation.  With years of training and knowledge she is a leader in her field and speaks with knowledge and authority on the topic of surviving life without sleep.
(Thank you middle pink for allowing me to become an expert in something :) 

You can 'survive' without sleep for long periods of time - but you won't be much fun to live with.

Despite what the other 'experts' say it's better for a child's development to have ABC kids on all day rather than be yelled at continually by a raving sleep deprived pajama wearing woman.

Chocolate, alcohol and day time television, while helpful, don't replace sleep.

Putting one foot in front of the other and getting to the end of the day can be a fabulous achievement and reason to celebrate ... good reason for more chocolate, alcohol and night time TV (but that's just until you fall asleep on the couch).

 The feeling of falling asleep with your head on a pillow and waking up eight hours later may well be the best personal experience a mother ever has!

While this post is written with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek I do have a little bit much experience in this area (Yawn Yawn.)  To all the mummies out there still suffering the  horrors of long-term sleep deprivation;
hang in there
It really is only a stage in life and it will pass ... eventually (i promise).

What's your top sleep deprivation tip?


  1. Now don't all go 'yeah right - she would say that...' but exercise is my top tip! Really, stick bub(s) in a pram and go for nice bracing walk around the neighbourhood. I just did - and it's raining here! Two nights with no sleep and more projectile vomit than I care to think about and the best thing for it was to get out in the fresh air - I really do feel better!!

  2. I would expect you to say that Cate (expect nothing less :) and know you're 100 percent correct! My life feels so much better since I started regular exercise again. Yay for moving and feeling better.

  3. Facebook is my tip. Have a quick squiz and see all the other mums with bubs talking about their sleepless night to remind yourself that you are not alone!!!

  4. I'm surviving on three hours sleep today! My tip is: don't nap when baby naps!! Nine times out of 10, I feel twice as worse. Either con hubby into allowing you some sleep-ins on the weekend or hang on in there until they become teenagers, at which point it will take all your effort to get them out of bed!!! Well, that's my plan, anyway! :)

  5. Amy - so true - we're all out there talking about it!

    Kellie - I'm hearing you. I always wake up feeling worse - especially if I fall into a deep sleep. But I still think sometimes it makes the horrible hours of 5-8pm a little better if I have grabbed a quick nap.

  6. great list!

    and how right you are with points 1, 2, 3...oh go on, all your points are spot on

    I have just got back from a child free holiday...The best thing about it? Being able to sleep for 8 hours straight, 4 nights in a row


  7. Falling asleep is the best experience for sure.. if only we could remember it and store it with the other precious memories.

  8. Water...drinking lots and lots of water (but at the end of the day, may your water turn into wine!)

  9. "Happy Wife = Happy Life"
    I always told my hubby that and thank God he helped even though he worked and recognised that staying at home with the kids was just as hard as his work...if not harder!! Even now...every saturday/sunday (when he realises what it is like to see them for more than just 3 hours in a row lol) he always says..." I dont know how you do this all week!!"
    I is something that passes...lucky I am now on the other end of this...but I wonder if I had facebook when my first two were born would I have whinged as publicly as I see so many others do...I think one thing is for sure...too many parents think they are the only ones going through this problem and they have it worse than everyone else...this is certainly a problem I dont want to compete for!!! I treasure my sleep now and wish I had listened to those before me when they child did that!!

  10. Bec - one of our friends told us that at our Wedding "Happy Wife = Happy Life" and my husband has now ammended it to be:
    Happy Baby = Happy Wife = Happy Life

    So long as my kids are happy, I tend to be happy and more relaxed, and therefore sleep better.

    I agree with exercise - getting our and going for a walk - even if its around the local shopping centre with bub asleep in the pram - is so good for you!

    And definitely forget about the housework and sleep when bub does - I didn't do this for #1 (tried to be Super Mum) and learnt the hard way - did it for #2 as much as I could with two kids!

  11. Love your list Caz! I laughed at #2... no apparent reason of course ;)
    My babies sleep 12 hrs per night, both of them! I know, how did that happen? So my sleep depravation is self inflicted and not sure when it will 'pass'. While I'm a Mum 7am-7pm, I've started working for myself and do a lot of my work 7pm-2am. It's a balancing act that I think I'm loosing.

  12. Thanks for the tips girls :) Yay on your business Carly! Must chase you up and find out what you'r doing.

  13. If you have school age children, try very hard not to lie on the couch anytime from 2pm onwards as it is very difficult to be awake enough to pick them up at 3.30pm! Best if you just keep moving!

  14. My sleep deprivation tip would be to stop having children! haha!
    I'm onto my fourth child in under five years and I could pretty much say I've had a weeks worth of full night's sleep out of those five years.
    Chocolate helps the mood but not the hips ;-)

  15. Oh how this post resonates with me Caz! Particularly as I've written a sleep deprivation post almost every day this week, hee hee. My hot tip for surviving? Learn to sleep upright and draw eyes on your closed lids (so that the little one doesn't realise you're trying to catch 5 winks and yell "WAKE UP!" in your ear!).

    Okay no, not really, but maintaining a sense of humour is the only way I can survive :)

  16. When my knee gave in recently and I couldn't sleep for the pain it took me back immediately to those sleep deprived baby days...I couldn't believe I was in that state again. Now I can sleep I love it so much and appreciate every hour!

  17. Great tips! Totally agree with all of them. I have a newborn (11 weeks), a 19 month old and an almost 3 year old and some nights it feels like musical beds, getting up to one, then the other, then the other!

    My best tip is: drink water. Lots and lots. If all else fails, chocolate is good too. I currently go through about 3 blocks a week.

  18. Oh I think sleep will only come to me when Mr Terrible Twos stops wanting to snuggle with me. Sleep and kids don't mix :)

    Happy FYBF. I'm a follower now.

  19. I love this post, and even though I'm a bit slow on replying to this, I could relate to all of it. Especially the one about ABC Kids Vs. Ranting Mummy! My advice? Sleep when you can! I've become the Queen of the Nanna Nap. Just 10 minutes there or 20 minutes here (using a timer) really keeps the edge off. If I'm tired and I have a few quiet moments (usually while the lads are sleeping), I now put my feet up and think "To hell with the washing/work/cleaning/whatever it was I was going to do".

    Best thing ever! xx

  20. Brilliant post - I can agree with every single word! I'm with Kymmie - I do love the odd nanna nap when i can sneak one in. Amazing what a power nap can do!

  21. oh i love it!! laughed all the way through!!
    nothing beats chocolate alcohol and really bad daytime/nightime

  22. I love this post... I cannot remember what it's like NOT to be sleep deprived anymore ;)

  23. Brilliant list! I had 8 months of less than four hours broken sleep a night and completely agree with all your points. Facebook & Twitter (and alcohol) saved me. Something to do when there was nothing but on the occasions that even they failed, offloading the demon child to the grandparents worked a treat!


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