Friday, March 18, 2011

Grateful for paths well worn

This week I'm grateful the wisdom of those who have travelled well worn paths before me. For my mother and her lovely sisters who visited today. For the laughter of my little pink people as they played and danced with their granny and great aunties.   For the fabulous concert the pinks impromptu-ed as only little ones can. For huggles and cuddles and the voice of the littlest pink who boldly told her great aunties they would miss her as she said goodbye. 
For my camera and my current obsession with flower photos. Did you notice? I think I've used them in at least every second post for the past few weeks.  I love this one.  I could get lost looking into the depth of those luscious petals.  Simply beautiful.  I'd really love to get some of these enlarged on canvas so I can hang them in our lounge and dinning area.

Joining with the fabulous Maxabella Loves to share the grateful spirit this weekend.



  1. Oh! Most definitely enlarge those flower snaps. They're absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad you told us that you took the photo, as I would have thought you'd borrowed it from a professional! YOU are a professional photographer!
    A lovely grateful post. Thanks for sharing the joy :o)

  2. I love your obsession with flower photos, Caz! This one is especially beautiful. You have such a great eye for these floral compositions.

    I am very guilty of forgetting to acknowledge the wisdom of our elders. Sometimes it's hard to even spend the amount of time with them that I would like. Thank you so much for the reminder. x

  3. from someone who doesn't enjoy the luxury of a mothers wisdom i'm So happy you're grateful to have this in your life. Something to be treasured indeed. x

  4. Caz this photo is awesome! I love it! I feel grateful that I have been given a wonderful family and a husband who lets me give anything a go (within reason! lol)

  5. They're your photos? I didn't realise that Caz. Wow, they're just stunning! Well worthy of a place on the wall.
    I had a giggle at the impromptu concerts mention. It's my favourite thing about being mum to girls - except that I'm not allowed to join in, only be an audience member!!! *sigh*

  6. what a wonderful list..and a lovely photo!

  7. Oh, your photographs are just so stunning! I can just imagine that photograph on your wall in supersize! Don't ever stop taking beautiful photographs. And happy grateful day. xx

  8. Lovely.
    I had noticed your photographs recently. They're divine. You should totally get some enlarged.

  9. Thanks for the lovely feedback my fabulous bloggie buddies :) I really need to look into getting some pictures printed and hung. Happy grateful saturday everyone!!

  10. I love your flower pictures, too. I know exactly what you mean about your mum and aunties!

  11. Hello Caz

    Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is lovely! I am struggling with my layout - just love yours.

    What great gratefulness - I too love the wisdom of my family members.

    So nice to meet you
    Love Rach x


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