Friday, March 25, 2011

The Great Bloggy Dilemma Exposed!

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Okay, time for couple of F.A.S.T honest truths from 'The Truth About Mummy'.  I really don't have time to write this post right now - but it's in me so I need want to. The messy kitchen, unmade beds and other domestic chores will have to wait for their goddess today! 

I've been feeling a little discontent about my blog this week.  Now if I can only put into words why.  A combination, I think, of feeling a little 'left out' (oh whoa is me) of the rapturous reports and afterglow from the AMB conference (bloggyworld seems a little slower as it baths in the radiance of the attendees post conference posts) and my own internal  conflict between writing this blog to suit myself and writing to entice readers and have impressive stats.    There, the great bloggy dilemma is exposed.

If I am totally honest I think I'm a bit stuck between these two conflicting reasons to blog. In some ways I see blogging  a little like one of those facebook games like Farmville.   (I can't actually remember the names of any other ones but I know there are squillions of them.)   Only here in bloggyland while building our blogs,  attracting new followers and sourcing unique visitors,  (the game) we get to use our creativity, make new cyber friends and attract PR attention (get free stuff!!!).  This is my chosen game and it can be thrilling.  However, on the other hand this is my blog.  My space for 'me' stuff - and sometimes the two don't mesh.   I love getting new followers, good stats and loads of comments.  But I also like to be authentic and write about what is in my heart right at this moment - which may not necessarily be popular or click worthy.  You see my current mind set?  Playing the game is fun but in the long run I think I'd rather have a creative space which makes my heart sing, my face smile and feels like an extension of me.

Now, as I am writing this the answer to my bloggy dilemma is forming in my mind. (That, of cause, is why I love to write - despite being a member of the dyslexic race.)   I can do both.   I just need to keep in mind  my favourite word  "B.A.L.A.N.C.E."  and to concentrate on just being what I am.  And that is  a truthful mummy with stories to tell about life in the mummyhood.  This may not be the appropriate strategy to build a super blog, but I'll just have to live with that.  I honestly don't see myself as the superblog type anyway - I just don't  have the time and energy (and possibly the personality) to pull that off.

So there you have it. Ramble over.  I'm once again feeling happy and at peace with my blog and its role in bloggyworld.   Thanks for giving me the space to 'thinkwrite' my way back again my bloggy friends.


  1. I feel exactly the same. I feel like such a novice at this blogging game, even though I've been blogging for over two years. For the majority of the two years tha blog was just for me, and for those few friends that read it. Now that it's getting bigger, I want to make sure that I keep most of it for me. We may be the new media and the hottest things around right now, but we also are in a lot more control of our blogs than other media owners are of theirs.

    Balance is definitely the word.

  2. I'm going to apologise up front if this comment ends up a rambling mess ;)

    I LOVE this post.

    I have been blogging on and off for a number of years now. When I started it, it was just a place for me to share, vent or do as I pleased. It didn't take long for my blog to get on the PR radar and it was exciting to be caught up in the excitement of free stuff and being listed on Top "whatever" lists.

    But my heart has been telling me to pull back on the reigns because it was becoming less of "writing for me" and more of worrying about followers, stats and writing gigs. And it wasn't as fun anymore.

    So, I agree totally, balance IS the word.

    Your blog, your rules. xx

  3. Sometimes I think maybe you read my mind, Caz. I've been having the same thoughts rolling around in my head this week and actually spoken to the bloke in The Shed about it.
    I think you hit the nail on the head by saying it's about balance. Sometimes I would love to do more things to attract greater traffic and more comments, but in the end I started my blog as a creative outlet - to write about my girls and to share my pursuits. I'm happy to do the other stuff, but in moderation.

  4. I can soooooooooo relate. I have a mantra to remind myself when I get lost 'I blog because it's fun, if it's not fun I need to stop'..... but where everything else fits into that? well sometimes I have no idea at all!

  5. Same stuff going on here. Firstly I too am jealous of all those ABC attendees - but it just didn't seem like I was a cool enough blogger. See just writing that shows the problem. I started writing for family and friends to follow my IVF and pregnancy journey. Then I had a stillborn son and wrote a lot about that. Now I have a 2 and half year old and I write as a way to record his life and our time together - probably none of it all that interesting for readers. Then I try and do some crafting, recipes, home organisation stuff which is genuine but I feel weird talking to an audience instead of writing diary style like I used to. Today I'm running a giveaway becasue Bakers Delight contacted me (and I was gobsmacked that they had found me) so i thought why not. I need to figure things out and stick to it come hell or high water. It's a dilemma that's for sure.

  6. So glad to hear I'm not alone with the struggle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts bloggy buddies :)

  7. Please write this blog from your heart..please!please! please! You may initially get followers when you follow the formulae..but the people that really like you..will be wanting to see what you really think..not what you think we want to hear! Relationships only deepen as trust develops and may only be followers in name only if we don't find the real you in this blog.

  8. It's all about balance and being real. (It's the same IRL.) Everyone is unique - everyone has been blessed with different talents, and that's what makes blogging so special. It's easy to compare to others and think we're not up to 'whatever standard' - but, as long as you're enjoying it and being true to yourself, then that's what counts.

  9. I think you are right about it coming down to balance. Blogging should be done because it delivers some kind of reward to the blogger - which may be in the joy of creating, sharing and writing simply because it pleases you, or in having a big profile and fantastic stats. I think for most of us it's a bit of both. So we should feel free to both write from the heart and, provided it's not a chore, chase the stats.
    For the record, I love your from-the-heart posts anyway!

  10. It's funny Caz, but I actually do see your blog as being about you. Maybe I've missed some posts along the way where you are trying to build a 'super' blog, hehe! But honestly, since I started following your blog, I have only ever thought it was from your heart and true to your name sake. I am so new to this game, I probably don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about... but I do know what I like to read and I like reading your stuff :o)

  11. I am only too familiar with this dilemma and your answer to it is great, how about we do both? It tends to happen anyway, because on some days I care more about the game and other days I don't even remember to look at my stats.

  12. Thanks everyone for your advice and opinions. The best thing about blogging is the people you meet!!

  13. See, all you needed was someone to bounce it all off!

    I'm a little the same, without the monetary side.

  14. This is why I love blogging. Have problem, blog it, problem shared is a problem halved and all that jazz :)

  15. Always from the heart, it will shine through every time if you do!

    I have patches like you've just dealt with. After 6 years of blogging, I guess I'm what you could call a 'slow burn' ;) I've less followers than you! I never like to make impulsive moves and I think I am on the precipice of my blog getting a bit larger again (if the stats are anything to go by).... Some part of me always wishes to keep small. But I've morphed into something else now, because of my book, so the blog has started to serve a different purpose.

    I think what I'm (rambling about) trying to say is, as we change and grow, our blogs do too. And sometimes with all this change and growth comes the need to take a reflective pause and self-check. I think that's what these moments are, anyway. xo

  16. Caz, I've been researching this week on what one can do to become a blogging superstar and aiyiyi, everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should and shouldn't do with your blog. For me, as a newbie, I'm just focusing on enjoying it. Not only do I not worry about stats, I don't even know what they mean!!! (What is a bounce rate anyway?!)

    I think if you're evaluating yourself, your blogging and blog like you are, then you'll always get that balance or as close to balance as you can :)

  17. Caz, I love your blog. One of my favourites! You are honest and thoughtful plus you have three little pinks just like me. I avoid the focus on followers and stats with more thought towards making people smile.

    Your space makes me smile. Keep writing.


  18. I think we've all had this dilemma at some stage. It sounds like you've found the perfect solution for you!

  19. Caz you have spoken directly what is on my mind! I spend hours writing a couple of blogs and keeping their FB pages going and feel a little disheartened with my minimal followers, likers and comments. Should I bother if my aim is to attract others? Is anyone watching, listening? {my photo blogs - my personal blog is just for me and my family, any followers are a happy bonus}.
    The whole FB thing drives me batty - I'm not one to plaster 'LIKE me' ads on everyones walls {I have a couple of times and felt so 'desperate' ARGH}, and I get shirty when people use MY wall to advertise their page and quest for 100, 200, 500 or 1000 likers.... and they dont even say hello!
    GRRR. But is this what is required to get the word out? What is the point of having 500 bribed followers? I'd rather have 50 loyal friends!
    I'm so new to blogging and feel quite lost too.


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