Thursday, March 31, 2011

How busy are you mummy?

Life gets busy here in mummydom.  I remember when i was pregnant with my first little pink person and a girlfriend told me to rest up and enjoy as much time as possible on the couch, because life was about to get busy.   I probably nodded my head in polite acknowledgement before dismissing her comment and getting on with life as a pregnant working woman.  Now, I think back to those words and know I should have stapled myself to the couch and watched TV non stop until labor started  ........ just to make up for life on the other side of three pregnancies.  (Hindsight is such an treasure!)

Now,  before you think this is going to be a whinge whine post let me just say ' I AM LIVING MY DREAM RIGHT NOW and even on my most horror filled mummy madness day I appreciate how lucky I am to be living in my present reality.   I long ago discovered the secret that living your dream doesn't mean you'll be happy, or on an emotional high, every moment of your life.  Living your dream still involves down days, battles with life, being stretched and occasionally thrown out of your comfort zone in a rather undignified fashion.   Life is just like that!

Anyways I'm heading back to work again next week.  It's only a few casual hours to start with but it has me a little spooked because I know how difficult it is finding the work/home life balance with kids.   It's got me thinking about how busy life as a mummy is and how some people seem to cope so  much better than other with all that entails.   Somehow you go from that big bellied woman sitting with her feet up on the couch to being insanely busy from sun up to sun down and beyond. (Now just how did that happen??)  To be honest I know for me, some of this is my own silly fault.  I'm not forced to write this blog,  I was not held at gun point and forced to become the kinder president (think the power might have gone to my head) and to be totally honest I didn't have to accept this job.  I think maybe part of me must actually likes being busy. (But let's not go there!).  It's all about balance - yes there it is again, my favorite word.

How do you find balance being a busy mummy?   Do you just 'rock on' with it all until you drop from exhaustion or are you better planned and give yourself regular me time to re-energise?  There is one thing for sure there are always things to do when you're a mummy - the list is never ending and  boredom is rarely a problem. Do you think there is a magic key to getting that balance right?


  1. Love that you wrote this & totally relate. Stay tuned, I've got some thoughts I'm going to try to spew forth in some manner in the next day or so myself... You are a great Mummy!!

  2. Congratulations on scoring the job, Caz. I assume this was from the interview you spoke about the other day. Wonderful stuff!
    I'm probably not one to give advice, having just resigned!! But I do believe being away from the little people does make you appreciate them more when you're home with them. I think I read someone say this week that they feel more ``present'' when they are with their kids. I wish you all the best. Exciting times! :)

  3. Going back to work isn't for everyone, I know. But I have reall enjoyed it. I love my job. And I love that it gives me the little break I need to be a fun mum again. I really appreciate my days at home so much more.
    But yes, I think I subscribe to the 'just keep going until you collapse' theory of working mothering. Not great, but then I have the school holidays every 10 or so weeks to aim for. Only 1.5 weeks left until term 1 holidays...I can make it!!!

  4. I totally agree. We are "living the dream". I actually wrote a post about that the other week! It is so easy to focus on the hard bits of our situation and look past the great bits.

    Re: balance - I find a routine/ rhythm to the day (which at my house includes all kids having an early afternoon sleep or rest - works when they are all under 3) helps a lot.

    I worked 2 days a week until last December (when I went on my 3rd maternity leave) and I found that worked really well for us. I was blessed with family to help with my kids (and a great preschool for my oldest daughter), and I really enjoyed the adult time at work. At the same time, I need the other 5 days a week around my kids to remind me what it most important to me and to just enjoy my kids' company. Any more than 2 days work would be too much for ME, but I know others who work full-time and do a fantastic job!

  5. This is a great post Caz, so true and kind of reassuring to see it in words. I guess just living it every day makes you forget that we do ALOT in a day!
    I don't know how some mama's do it. I have a wide range of friends, all doing it in their own individual ways... and coping/or not coping in their own ways. I don't think it's possible to answer just how to cope with it all. Maybe the best advice is just cope the best you know how.
    Good luck with your return to work. I'm sure you'll find your groove again in no time.
    I agree also, this is living the dream right now... and before we know it, they'll be grown up and the dream will be a memory. Oh, let's just enjoy it while we can :o)

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  7. I can relate to everything you say. At the moment I am throwing more tantrums thank my kids, and I actually could cry several times a day and the relentless slog of it all. But, I wouldn't trade it in. Like you, I don't have to write articles, keep a novel hidden in a desk drawer, bake several cakes a week. But it keeps me me, so I'll just have to put up wtih the exhaustion and keep living the dream. Thanks for a great post and good luck with the job! Very exciting.

  8. Building a team of people around you, encouraging all those mums to step out of their comfort zones and use their talents and you'll all be moving mountains at preschool. The best leaders build leaders.

  9. Good questions. I have to remind myself not to be so busy, to slow down a bit. Having children is both exhilarating and exhausting, and it means that I have to engage in even more self-care than I did in my non-mommy days. (This usually means getting more sleep.) But it is ultimately about balance, about being able to keep up with the crazy demands, and then also say "no" to commitments that aren't helpful. (But easier said than done, no?)


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