Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loved you Melbourne Zoo

 The Pinks, the Dear One and I had a fabulous day at Melbourne Zoo.  It was heads and tails a winner with us. (Sorry couldn't resist that one.) 

 The most magical moment was watching the seals play.  They put on a sensational show for us.  The pinks got so excited watching from the underwater windows as the seals dived, span, swished and danced in front of us.  (Mummy may have been a tad excited too.)

The Dear One and I marvelled at how they've managed to make so many little worlds within the zoo - and kept them so separate and authentic.  We made it around almost all of them in the four hours we were there.  And then 'that' moment happened (somewhere just near the baboons) when we both new 'the wheels were about to fall off the kiddie cart' and it was time to head home.   Love you Melbourne Zoo - thanks for a fabulous day.


  1. Look at those precious little pinks checking out the Seals! Looks like a perfect family Sunday! x

  2. Oh yay!!! So glad you had such a nice time :-)

  3. Sounds lovely! I so want to take my Munchies there.

  4. Glad you had such a great day out..the trick is to go a different way next time so you can see the animals you didn't see this time..first next time. Then the experience is always different!

  5. I love happy family days like that!

    I hope all that walking meant they slept well for you!

  6. Hahaha! I can so relate to your comment about the wheels falling off and knowing when it's about to happen! Had a similar experience ourselves this weekend just gone. We opted for icecream and a walk after dinner... instead of staying in the restaurant any longer... it's a tight window we have to work with as parents ;o)
    Glad you had a great Zoo day... the pics are lovely!

  7. The best sort of days.. They really are The Pinks!


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